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Fourth National Exhibition "Inventions, Technologies, Innovations", 8-10 November 2012, Sofia

The Exhibition will be held on 8-10 November 2012 and is jointly organised by the Union of Inventors in Bulgaria, the Joint Innovation Center at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and ARC Consulting (members of Enterprise Europe Network), the Federation of Scientific Engineering Unions, and the "Eureka" Foundation. The event will take place at the Russian Cultural and Information Centre, 34 Shipka Str., Sofia.

Partnering institutions are the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, the Bulgarian Patent Office and the National Agricultural Academy.

Media partner is "Investor.BG" AD

The exhibition will demonstrate prototypes of inventions and will give opportunities for F2F meetings among inventors, breeders, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and patent specialists. The event will include exhibitors from Russia as well.

An expert jury will award prizes, medals, plaques, diplomas to the outstanding participants.

The participation in the Fourth Exhibitors is free of cgarge. Conditions for participation and the awarding criteria can be found here (In Bulgarian only)

The Enterprise Europe Network will also organise a booth during the exhibition, where inventors and other interested parties can learn more about the services of the network to promote innovation and business activities in Europe.

Agenda of the exhibition (in Bulgarian)

Registration and submission of applications for the catalog are accepted until October 22 by:

Fax: 02 987 85 98
Address: Union of Inventors in Bulgaria
Rakovski 108, floor 4
1000 Sofia


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