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INNO Policy TrendChart reports for Bulgaria

As the Bulgarian correspondent for the policy monitoring networк INNO Policy TrendChart, ARC Fund prepared two reports in the second half of 2012. One of the reports is dedicated to public sector innovations, while the other examines the tendencies in the innovation policy of the country.

The first report entitled Public Sector Innovation in Bulgaria evaluates the innovativeness of public institutions against a number of criteria and provides an overview of recent innovation practices and attempts. The main body of the report covers successful and less successful examples from the general public administration, public transport, and health care. It also sketches the introduced IT innovations, e-government development as well as the creation of a single contact point for businesses. The central conclusion of the report is that despite the achieved progress after its EU accession the Bulgarian administration still faces a number of hurdles related to the development and introduction of innovative products and services such as inertia and lack of resources and capacity.

Focusing on the tendencies in the country’s innovation policy, the second report discusses the content of main strategic documents. It also presents conclusions based on series of interviews with representatives of the ministries that play a key role in shaping the innovation environment in the country. The spotlight of the report falls on the changes in the funding of innovations, on the methods for fostering innovations, as well as on the priorities of the national innovation policy.

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