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International business mission in the fields of waste management and biogas – Sao Paulo, Brazil, 21-24 November 2017

Enterprise Europe Network, Brazil and Sebrae (Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio à Micro e Pequena Empresa) in partnership with ARC Consulting, Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria invite the interested parties to participate in the business mission in the fields of waste management and biogas during Waste Expo 2017, 21-24 November 2017, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The invitation refers to SMEs from EU and Brazil active in the following fields:
- Solid Waste Management: Consulting, planning, logistics, monitoring and information and communication tools (ICT);
- Solid Waste Management: Collection and transportation;
- Solid Waste Management: Technology or equipment for sorting/separation;
- Solid Waste Management: Processing and upgrading of recyclable solid waste as input materials for production processes;
- Reverse Logistics: Planning, consulting, operationalization;
- Organic Waste Management: Composting;
- Biogas production: Engineering and project implementation;
- Biogas production: Manufacture or supply of biodigestors or other equipment;
- Biogas production: Upgrading or compression;
- Biogas use: Operations and maintenance for heat generation;
- Biogas use: Operations and maintenance for power generation;
- Biogas: Monitoring, metering or control systems and equipment;
- Waste-to-energy from agricultural waste (biomass);
- Waste-to-energy from animal waste (livestock);
- Waste-to-energy from urban and construction waste.

The mission is financed by the EU and travel cost reimbursement of 80% for the approved SMEs is envisaged.

Practical information and terms:

Deadline for registration: 24 September 2017
Event dates: 21-24 November 2017
Details and registration:

If you are interested in the event and you need additional information, please, call us:
Fanny Koleva
ARC Consulting
Enterprise Europe Network - Bulgaria
tel. +359 2 9733000 fanny.koleva(at)


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