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Sixteenth national contest Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2020

The Innovative Enterprise of the Year national contest is organized by the Applied Research and Communications Fund, ARC Consulting, Еnterprise Europe Network – България, with the support of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMESand in media partnership with Economy magazine, Computer World,, magazine,, the Bulgarian National Radio – Radio Sofia and the portal of the Bulgarian industry

All finalists in the contest are granted the right to use the Excellence in Innovation label of the Applied Research and Communications Fund and provided opportunities for reaching potential international partners and clients in all economic fields through the Enterprise Europe Network active in over 60 countries.

At the Sixteenth National Innovation Forum, the Bulgarian President Rumen Radev presented awards to distinguished enterprises in the following areas according to the impact of innovation:

An honorary statuette and diploma were awarded to Stamh Ltd in the Market Leadership category

Stamh Ltd has developed automated storage systems for the food, furnishing, chemical, automobile and other industries. It places the various equipment sets (racks, pallets, cranes and conveyor-belts) on the storage land and then “closes” them up with walls all around. The warehouse processes are served without human interaction, only on the basis of the innovative software developed. Each project is custom-designed to account for the specifics of each client and each particular site. The company has more than 4,500 clients in over 20 countries.

In the Innovative Start-Up Enterprise category for 2020, Ondo Solutions Ltd received an honorary diploma and statuette.

Ondo Solutions has developed smart automated management of agriculture allowing precision in irrigation, fertilization, climate control, and monitoring of the crops. The solution is equally applicable to small, medium-size and big farms. It consists of hardware installed in the farm, and an integrated specialized software with remote control and easy-to-work-with interface. The company has its systems installed and operational with clients in Bulgaria and North Macedonia. Recently, it has opened an office in South Africa.

The 2020 Green Innovation award went to Gamifinno Ltd.

Gamifinno Ltd has developed an interactive notebook, which allows erasing and correction of the written text as well as page interchange. It consists of 40 sheets and in fact replaces over 100 pages. The notebook has 4 versions – with blank pages, rows, dots and squares. It provides opportunity to decrease paper usage, as it is produced from recycled plastic, the latter being likewise subject to recycling. Additional sheets can be added to the notebook.

The 2020 Innovation for Quality of Life award was given to Alegi Engineering Ltd.

Alegi Engineering Ltd has developed a light-weight mining truck for transport of people, freight and explosive materials, which provides a higher level of safety and reliability and a longer exploitation. It is specifically designed for underground conditions – higher humidity, dustiness, acidity, demolitions, etc., being the only one in the world with Euro 5 engine for less emissions in the mines. The machine is maneuverable, with an entirely electronic control, a modern design and a convenient display.

The 2020 Innovation in the Creative Industries award went to Evedo Bulgaria Ltd.

Evedo Bulgaria Ltd Evedo Bulgaria Ltd has developed the first ever platform of the “one-stop-shop” type for the event industry. It gathers in one place artists, event organizers, promoters, event hosts, and service companies (catering, stage, lighting, etc.). The platform also has ticket sale and event management functionalities. It is based on blockchain solutions for higher level of transparency and security in the event industry. About 1,000 events have already been implemented through the platform since March 2020.

In the Social Innovation category for 2020, the Central Cooperative Union was awarded an honorary diploma.

The Central Cooperative Union has developed a system of mobile services with added social value – for the delivery of food and indispensable household goods and for the provision of medical aid in small and remote towns and villages. The health services cover diverse fields of medicine, they also include means for the shift and transfer of patients, a pediatric set, and an ultraviolet bactericide irradiator. The goods are produced by members of the union or local manufacturers and are offered at very low surplus charge.

The 2020 Digital Transformation honorary diploma was given to Orak-Engineering Ltd.

Orak-Engineering Ltd has developed a package of services in Bulgarian for training in a digital environment. It consists of a private office for technical and methodological support, also including a school website and conference box for connection between physical and virtual rooms; an integral virtual space for internal meetings/trainings with an automated protocol/video journal and GDPR protected repository for electronic documents and materials, and periodic certification of teachers and educational experts.

The 2020 Innovation Management award went to Elektrosfera Ltd.

Elektrosfera Ltd has outstanding innovation management practices in the overall company performance, including in digital innovation. The company has developed a technology for analogue to digital signal transformation and vice versa, which allows for real time processing and modelling of effects in the music industry. The device is the only one in the world with 64 channels combined in a single tool. With a minimalist interface, it has a multifunctional touchscreen which can be used without necessarily being connected to a computer.

Finalists in the national Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2020 contest(in alphabetical order)

EntoSynergy Ltd breeds and processes crickets for pet food – as a nutritional supplement in the form of flour, bars or chips from whole crickets with different flavors. The products have a high level of proteins and their manufacturing is economic and environmentally friendly. Its residual product is used as organic fertilizer with very good qualities.

Hidroyonix Ltd has developed an equipment for the fragmentation of out-of-use tires into different end products – rubber granules, high quality alloyed wire and cotton-like thread. All these can be used as raw materials for different types of production: rubber flooring, metal billets, insulation. The line is fully automated and can work in a 24- hour mode.

ImmerseFX JSC has developed an application for mobile devices to serve as a handbook in histology. Via virtual reality it shows detailed 3D models of basic human body systems, virtual surgical incisions for tissue extraction, as well as electronic microscope images at the cellular level. It is based on 3D-modelling for the achievement of full photo realism.

Musala Soft JSC has developed an integrated system for innovation management involving partnerships with schools, universities and communities in the IT field to motivate youngsters to pursue careers in the IT sector, participation of IT professionals in curricula creation and research projects, organization of thematic contests and Olympiads, a system for selection, training, career growth and motivation of human resources, etc.

Nasekomo JSC has organized green manufacturing of high quality sustainable proteins via bio conversion of insects (flies) though automated modular technology to sell them for the purposes of pet food and fish fodder production. The product is hypoalergеnic and easily digestible. The residual outcome from its manufacturing is an organic fertilizer with a high level of chitin.

Otvoreni Technologii Bulgaria Ltd has developed a system for software testing management based on the principle of open source for the improvement of a product created by another company, but later discarded. The system is used by programmers for the purposes of development and testing of their own products. By November 2020, it had more than 240,000 real time downloads all over the world achieved within a period of about 3 years.

Press Start Ltd has developed a platform for photo realistic 3D visualization for the purpose of digital interior setting of event venues without the necessity of visit on the spot. Fully interactive and easy to use, it is designed for all types of users, not only professionals. The system offers 2D, 3D, and virtual reality perspectives and works trouble-free in any browser.

Zero Wave Ltd has developed a 100% bio degradable and compostable disposable plate from the residual product of the brewery industry (processed malt). Being edible itself, it is also resistant to all types of food and liquids and to flavored food with high or low temperature. It comes in different flavors, forms and sizes. The plate can be thrown away with household waste without the risk of producing methane during decomposition.

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