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ARC Fund organized an International Foresight Seminar on Scenario Writing Techniques

On November 17-18, 2003, ARC Fund organized the second International Capacity Building Workshop focused on tools and techniques used in the foresight process for scoping and developing scenarios. The two day workshop featured lectures by international foresight experts from PREST, the University of Mancherster, UK, TEP – Hungarian Ministry of Education, and the FISTERA Network.

The workshop was targeted towards building skills on scenario writing and facilitating the work of the national expert panels who are currently implementing the pilot foresight exercises in the field of e-Government and Biotechnologies under the ForeTech project.

During the event the panel experts together with the international experts developed two example scenarios based on the preliminary research done by the national experts in both fields, including SWOT and STEEPV analyses, and identified drivers and shapers for e-Government and Biotechnologies long term development in Bulgaria.


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