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The national campaign "Children Safe in Internet" goes to Pleven and Plovdiv

On November 12 and 20, round tables on safer Internet for children were organised in the cities of Pleven and Plovdiv under the auspicies of the local municipalities. The public discussions are in the framework of the national campaign "Children Safe in Internet" co-organised for the second year in a row by the Bulgarian Safer Internet Combined Node and Microsoft-Bulgaria.

The deputy-mayor for security of Pleven Mr. Mitko Minkov participated in the discussion on 12 November. The participants agreed that it was very important for parents to know what websites their children visit and to be informed about the last developments in Internet in order to be able to prevent the risks for them. Most of the school children who participated in the round tables said that their time for using Internet at home is limited to up to 2 hours a day and that their parents are aware what they do in the Net.

Representatives of civil society organisations, parents' associations, teachers and schools children from Pleven took part in the discussions.

The round table in Plovdiv on 20 November was open by the deputy-mayor for social affairs Mr. Krassimir Angelov. On behalf of the municipality he promised to disseminate to all schools in the city the posters with the Safer Internet rules for children and to publish the rules in the January issue of the municipal newsletter. Mr. Angelov said that the Minicipality of Plovdiv is joining also the network of Municipalities-Friends of Children coordinated by Association Roditeli and that will also help dissemination of the Safer Internet campaign values.

The participants in the discussion launched the idea to organise Internet education for parents. Such education will change the perception of many parents that their children are always safe in Internet.

Representatives of the local police department, the regional education inspectorate, non-governmental organisations and teachers and school children took part in the round table in Plovdiv. As a part of the awareness campaign the organisers announced the start of the competition for children "Lesson for Parents" organised by the children website Children between 6 and 16 from all over the country are invited to participate in the competition for a rule that would help the parents to keep safe their children in Internet. There will be many prizes for the best proposals which will be included in a Parents Handbook to be disseminated through the network of the Internet provider Evrokom Kabel all over the country.


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