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SIC and Telenor in a joint educational campaign

On the occasion of the International Safer Internet Day Telenor launches educational campaign dedicated to the safety of children online. The campaign is held together with the Ministry of Interior and Bulgarian Safer Internet Centre. Today Telenor Chief Executive Officer Mr. Stein-Erik Vellan, the Interior Minister Mr. Vesselin Vuchkov and the Executive Director of the Applied Research and Communications Fund Mr. Nikolay Badinski signed a partnership agreement at an official meeting in the company’s headquarter in Sofia.

‘I believe that providing safer Internet is a matter of shared responsibility. I’m proud to announce Telenor’s partnership with the Ministry of Interior and the Safer Internet Centre, during which we will work on a number of educational activities related to child safety online. Safe Internet is one of our key priorities in the corporate responsibility area on a Group level and we do various initiatives related to this topic in the countries where Telenor operates. I hope that our joint efforts will contribute to creating a safer online environment’ – Telenor Bulgaria Chief Executive Officer Stein-Erik Vellan commented.

‘Children begin to use the Internet from a very early age. At any given time they can be faced with inappropriate content or become a victim of a fraud. That is why the prevention of young Internet users is among our main goals. It’s commendable that a private company like Telenor also contributes to solving these problems not only in Bulgaria, but at an international level, and works for the benefit of the society’ – Interior Minister Vesselin Vuchkov said.

Telenor’s campaign aims to raise public awareness about the risks of using Internet and the ways to overcome them. As part of the initiative Telenor together with the Safer Internet Centre and the Ministry of Interior will hold series of seminars and workshops for children from 5th to 7th grade in five Bulgarian cities – Shumen, Targovishte, Pleven, Vidin, Smolyan. Pupils who attend the kids’ police academies will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills about the risks of online communication and then pass them on to their peers. In order to encourage kids, Telenor will award those who perform best.

This year’s campaign will feature various events for children and their parents, and publishing of information materials with practical advices for safe Internet surfing.

At the end of 2014 Telenor became the first telecom in Bulgaria which launched a filter that blocks web domains containing child sexual abuse materials. In 2011 the company supported the launch of the first Bulgarian Online Safety Helpline which provides professional consultations and support to young people on the issues of Internet safety.


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