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Three guidance documents for research infrastructure policy-makers, managers and reviewers

As part of the efforts to strengthen the capacity of the Danube region research infrastructure (RI) policy-makers, managers and reviewers, ARC Fund was involved in the preparation of three guidance documents. These guides aim to improve framework conditions for research infrastructure and innovation in the Danube region and to build capacity and upgrade the knowledge of policy-makers and policy delivery organisations involved in the funding of research infrastructures, and RI managers.

The three guidance documents are:

A Practical Guide on Ex Ante Evaluation for Research Infrastructures
This document considers the major aspects of ex ante evaluation of proposed RI investment projects, aimed at either building new RIs or upgrading existing ones. It examines the advantages and disadvantages of the available methods and approaches, as well as the ways in which they can be applied. Further references for each described method or approach are also provided.

A Practical Guide on Monitoring Research Infrastructures
This document explains the major aspects of monitoring RIs that are already in operation. The challenges of organising a monitoring process are presented, together with possible solutions. The guide includes an overview of methods to collect required data (such as routine collection of performance data, the use of national databases, the collection of data in the framework of financial audits and project reports), a list of commonly used indicators and some good practice examples.

A Practical Guide on Assessment of Socio-Economic Impacts of Research Infrastructures
This guide was written by ARC Fund senior analyst Marko Hajdinjak with a contribution from several partners from ResInfra@DR project. The document proposes practical guidelines for assessing the socio-economic impacts of RIs. It presents different types of impacts and some relevant questions to evaluate them, lists the typical indicators used to assess different impacts, and proposes ways to collect data for these indicators. The guide also discusses how to organise and manage the process of assessing the socio-economic impacts of RIs.
The document is accessible and useful for a very diverse audience, from RI policy-makers to managers to researchers in a broad spectrum of science domains. Hence, it does not provide specific and tailor-made recommendations on how to evaluate particular socio-economic impacts related to each type of research infrastructure. Instead, it presents assessment indicators, methods and processes that can be applicable and relevant in a variety of different contexts.

All three guides can be accessed and freely downloaded from Interreg Danube Transnational Programme. They were produced in the frame of ResInfra@DR project, co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA).


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