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Innovative Enterprise of the Year Contest celebrates its 15th Anniversary!

On July 16, the campaign for the 15th Anniversary edition of the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2019 Contest is to be launched. Innovative Bulgarian start-ups and mature enterprises can apply electronically by October 15 inclusive.

Traditionally, the awardees in the Contest also receive the label “Excellence in Innovation”. The label honors excellence, impact and efficiency of cutting-edge innovations developed by Bulgarian companies.

Applied Research and Communications Fund, ARC Consulting and Enterprise Europe Network - Bulgaria with the support of the of DG GROWTH , EC, and in media partnership with the Economy Magazine , portal, Computer World,, Bulgarian Science Magazine and are inviting nominees for the 15th edition of the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2019 National Contest. Active Bulgarian companies that have successfully developed and implemented innovation in the past three years can participate in the initiative. Applications can be made electronically by 23:45 on October 15, 2019.

The competition aims to support entrepreneurial discovery and promote Bulgarian innovation champions.

Candidates are assessed in categories according to a special methodology by an expert group and by a jury, based on the impact of the innovations. The awards are presented to winners by the President or Prime Minister of Bulgaria at the annual National Innovation Forum in early December 2019.

Traditionally, the awardees of the competition will also receive the Excellence in Innovation label of the Applied Research and Communications Fund. The label is provided for the use of enterprises that have successfully passed the evaluation by the ARC Fund and jury experts within the framework of the Innovative Enterprise of the year Contest. Criteria for evaluation to grant the label use include high quality and originality of innovations, impacts on national and world markets, environment and society, efficiency of the business model.

More about the Contest

The National Contest "Innovative Enterprise of the Year" was launched in 2004. More than 100 companies have been awarded for their innovative work. The initiative is recognized by the European Commission as a good national practice to support innovation development.

Traditionally applicants are evaluated by a specific methodology in areas such as:

- Market leadership
- Innovation for quality of life
- Green Innovation
- Innovation Management
- Social Innovation
- Innovation in creative industries
- Innovation for empowering talents
- Innovative start-up enterprise (up to three years from establishment)

Winners in the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2018 national contest

All editions of the Innovative Enterprise of the Year national contest

Excellence in Innovation label of the Applied Research and Communications Fund

Excellence in Innovation Awarding Ceremony, February 8th, 2019

For more information please visit the Contest's web site or contact us at innoaward(at), tel: +359 2 9733000 (ext. 437, 433).
For contacts with media: maya.tsaneva(at)


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