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Research Infrastructures: Foresightand Impact (RIFI)

7 th Framework Programme of EC
Capacities – Research Infrastructures
CSA (Support Action)


RIFI initiative ( aims at developing an integrated methodological framework for the identification of Research Infrastructures investment opportunities and methods for Socio-Economic impact assessment of new RIs. In the framework’s development the Foresight techniques will be significantly involved. Over the last few decades, Technology Foresight has become a very powerful and widely used strategic instrument for decision-makers on the national, regional or corporate level, particularly in the field of research and innovation policies. The main reason for this is its integrated participative approach that articulates the participation of a wide selection of stakeholders in the process.

The methodological framework for S-E impact assessment of new RIs will be tested and validated against several case studies of RIs in the ESFRI’s Roadmap agenda These new pan-European RIs are planned to be located at the outskirts of the current borders of the EU and are suitable for hosting or active participation by Romanian and Bulgarian research organizations.

RIFI initiative is co-ordinated by the Executive Agency for Higher Education and Research Funding of Romania in partnership with 12 organizations from Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy as follows:

  • Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science
  • Applied Research and Communications Fund, Bulgaria
  • Sofia State University, Bulgaria
  • Institute of Oceanology, Bulgaria
  • Institute for Market Economy, Bulgaria
  • BBSS Gallup International, Bulgaria
  • National Authority for Scientific Research, Romania
  • FM Management Consultancy, Romania
  • Intergroup Engineering SRL, Romania
  • Institute of World Economy, Romania
  • Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Spain
  • Elettra Laboratory, Italy

A web-based manual on the Foresight-enriched Research Infrastructure Impact Assessment Methodology (FenRIAM) is available for public access at


For further information:

Daniela Tchonkova:
Denitsa Marinova:
Тел.: 02/ 973 3000
Факс: 02/ 973 3588

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