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Network of ICT experienced organizations, sharing experience, knowledge and supporting SMEs (NET-SHARE)

ICT PSP 2007/1 call under CIP programme
Start date: 1 March 2008
Duration: 36 months

Main objectives:

The NET-SHARE project ( intends to create, animate and manage a network of experienced ICT organizations, from several European countries, to share the experiences and knowledge on ICT initiatives and services for SMEs, gained mainly during participation in the SME domain of the former eTEN programme .

The network will offer services in support of European SMEs with a particular focus on the promotion of wide and fast uptake of innovative solutions in microelectronic components, microsystems and embedded systems.

Consortium partners:

INOVA+, Portugal (co-ordinator)

Waterford Institute of Tecnology, Ireland

University of Pireaus, Greece

Promoroma Special Agency of the Rome Chamber, Italy

ARC Fund, Bulgaria

Data Media Group, Latvia

Greek Research and Technology Network, Greece

FUTUREtec – Gesellschaft für angewandte Informatik mbH, Germany

Innova, SpA., Italy

Findació Privada ASCAMM, Spain

Inmark, Spain

Ventspils Digital centre, Latvia

Atlantis Consulting, S.A., Greece

Cybion, Italy

The NET-SHARE project activities will feature:  

  • Rais ing awareness on European ICT activities for SMEs amongst the local industrial fabric
  • Stimulat ing the capacity of firms to adopt and develop new information technologies
  • Promot ing trans-national cooperation projects in the ICT field
  • Fostering activities in the ICT field with other networks and organisations
  • Promo ting policies that benefit innovative solutions in microelectronic components, microsystems and embedded systems.

The NET-SHARE consortium will: 

  • Identify and share a minimum of 40 Best Practices in the ICT area, building from the participants experience in eTEN and other programmes, including national initiatives
  • Provide a minimum of 9 training sessions on the identified Best Practice
  • Organize 3 Best Practices Dissemination events and reach at least 300 SMEs
  • Study and share the ICT Innovation policies at an European and national levels
  • Develop a website that will work as an information sharing platform between the partners and the SMEs that may join the consortium.

Handbook of Good Practices in the field of Embedded Systems, Microelectronics and Microsystems compiled within the NET-SHARE project:E

Embedded systems (
Microelectronics (PDF, 4,5MB)
Microsystems (PDF, 6,2MB)
Е-services (PDF, 7,4MB)
Knowledge Intensive Networks (PDF, 4,6MB)

For further information:

Denitsa Marinova:
tel: + 359 2 9733000
fax: + 359 2 9733588

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