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Switch4Food aimed to identify and analyze best practices and knowledge (technologies/methodologies) of SMEs in the food industry for water use and wastewater to allow their exchange and transfer among the partnering countries.

The objectives of Switch4Food were to:
• Identify at least 10 best and common practices in different sectors of food industries leading to the elaboration of guidelines;
• Share methodologies and local policy in order to transfer the experiences and practices from one region to others;
• Define local cooperation agreements with European Policy Statements (EPS) (at least 5 EPS signed pilot agreements for each region) to support SMEs to implement environmental actions;
• Identify new business opportunities thanks to a sustainability approach;
• Disseminate the completed activities, methodologies tested and the best practices through local and international workshops where more than 500 companies will be expected to attend which will be invited to join the Club approach;
• Facilitate the interaction among environmental consultants and SMEs of the food industry in order to filter and tailor the technical offers to SMEs’ needs;
• Create fruitful future synergies among different actors: SMEs, the EEN Sector Group ‘Environment and Agro-Food’, environmental service providers and local authorities. It means that the SMEs of clubs will be encouraged to participate in company-to-company visits (at least one for each region) organized inside of the Sector Group;
• Involve EEN partners in the promotion and diffusion of the methodologies and gained experiences, in training activities, and in the promotion of technologies and best practices identified.

The objectives will be achieved through awareness raising and training seminars, company visits and environmental audits, regular meetings of the companies, consultants and ESP providers participating in the established environmental clubs, promotional events and company-to-company visits.


For contacts:
Ms. Maria Alexandrova, maria.alexandrova(at)online(dot)bg

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