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KNOW-HUB project on “Enhancing regional competences in strategic management of innovation policies” (INTERREG IV) bridges the gap of shortage of knowledge, skills and experience of European regions in designing and implementing smart and effective strategies for innovation.

The practitioners from 10 EU regions will collaborate in reviewing their policies and practices to identify issues for improvement and good practices to share with others. They will learn together how to apply the knowledge and experience identified in the peer review process, and sharing this knowledge with the aid of modern knowledge management tools.

The project will collaborate with the Smart Specialisation Platform (S3) in their work on reviewing and improving their Smart Specialisation Strategies for Research and Innovation (RIS3) and built on lessons drawn from the implementation of the previous Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS and RITTS) initiatives.

The KNOW-HUB project will feature the following activities:

• Peer policy reviews in 10 partner regions
• 2 series of workshops on Smart Specialisation Strategies and Effective instruments of innovation policies
• Debates in the partners region the practical use of the lessons learnt and preparation of action plans
• Knowledge base on including: smart encyclopaedia on regional innovation strategies and instruments; repository of good practice examples; blog and newsletter on important activities related to the smart strategies and policy instruments in the EU; short videos lectures on regional innovation; library – gateway and reference to interesting publications and reports carefully selected for readers
• Two practical guides with reference to the knowledge and good practices identified in KNOW-HUB
• Training sessions for public stakeholders

Benefits for the partner regions include:

• Opportunity to stimulate the region development by better policies
• Skills and knowledge to manage policies and actions for innovation and research
• Mutual inspiration by good practices of partner regions
• Sharing solutions for common problems

KNOW-HUB project started in January 2012 and will be accomplished in December 2014.

More information on KNOW-HUB activities and outcomes can be found at

For further information please contact:
Tel.: +359 2 973 3000
Daniela Tchonkova, daniela.tchonkova(at)online(dot)bg
Denitsa Marinova, denitsa.marinova(at)online(dot)bg

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