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The aim of the Ageing Well Network is to build and animate a European network focused on improving the quality of life of Elderly People by promoting the market uptake of ICT solutions for Ageing Well.

To achieve its aim, the following five main objectives of the AgeingWell project are:

  1. Develop Guidelines for deployment and sharing of best practice between key competence centres;
  2. Build an ICT for Ageing Knowledge Centre with the aim to share relevant information and results with the AgeingWell Community;
  3. Develop an ICT for Ageing Society Strategic Agenda, with the aim of providing a study on options for future structure and implementation of EU innovation funding;
  4. Promote the European innovation reinforcement between innovative ICT & Ageing enterprises (in particular SMEs) and the Investment Community;
  5. Raise awareness within the European community of ICT & Ageing stakeholders.

The AgeingWell network expects to bring the following benefits to the ICT & Ageing Community:

  • Network of Excellence  composed by experienced organisations in ICT for Ageing well
  • Ageing Well Knowledge Centr e offering key information on EU, National and Regional initiatives, key documents, and opportunities for investors and innovative ICT & Ageing SMEs;
  • Guidelines Handbook which intends to be a working tool to support all ICT & Ageing stakeholders in their decisions to develop solutions aimed at improving the quality of life of older persons; 
  • Regular news on the ICT & Ageing sectors through the AgeingWell web portal, newsletters, and social networks;
  • Networking opportunities through the organisation of 3 international events and 11 National events by a network of experienced ICT & Ageing organisations on relevant challenges (Funding opportunities, future policies, Independent living, etc.)

The AgeingWell network is open to ICT providers, health services providers, clusters and networks, insurance companies, investors, entrepreneurs, regions and municipalities. Launched in 2012, the Network has already more than 40 associate members from the above organisations across the EU.

This project, co-funded by  Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme , is implemented by the following 16 partners:



Metodi Naydenov
(+359) 2 973 3000


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