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Increasing SMEs’ competitiveness is at the core of the InnoBridge project by improving the Innovation Bridge and related policy instruments for SMEs: “Bridging the innovation gap through converting R&D results into commercial success in a more effective and efficient way”. This enables SMEs to better realise their innovation potential and to act as a catalyst for creating more high qualified jobs and regional growth.

The partnership consists of 9 partners from 8 regions in 8 countries spread over Europe with a balance of advanced and less advanced regions.

Project phase 1 (3 years) is dedicated to an intensive interregional exchange and learning process on the Innovation Bridge with involvement of regional stakeholders (Peer Reviews, Study Visits, Capacity Building Workshops, Staff Exchanges). This approach facilitates the development of Action Plans, which are implemented in phase 2 (2 years).

Strong involvement of the responsible authorities for the 8 addressed policy instruments – as direct partner or as stakeholder group member – ensures the durability of the implemented improvements and the long-term impact on SMEs’ innovativeness in the partner regions.

All instruments are part of RIS3, 7 instruments are dealing with Structural Funds. An estimated total amount of 30.4 M EUR, influenced through InnoBridge implementation demonstrates the strong leverage effect for regional and European policies as added value.

The InnoBridge Concept Paper with InnoBridge methodology, Good Practice knowledge pool and lessons learnt, summarizes the exchange and learning process and is disseminated EU wide. The project is supported by intensive communication activities like website, newsletters, social media and 2 conferences.

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