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» Three guidance documents for research infrastructure policy-makers, managers and reviewers, As part of the efforts to strengthen the capacity of the Danube region research infrastructure (RI) policy-makers, managers and reviewers, ARC Fund was involved in the preparation of three guidance documents. These guides aim to improve framework conditions for research infrastructure and innovation in the Danube region and to build capacity and upgrade the knowledge of policy-makers and policy delivery organisations involved in the funding of research infrastructures, and RI managers.

» New book 'Energy Demand Challenges in Europe: Implication for policy, planning and practice', A new book 'Energy Demand Challenges in Europe: Implication for policy, planning and practice', co-edited by Dr Frances Fahy and Dr Gary Goggins from the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway, was published by Palgrave MacMillan. It is an open access publication and can be freely downloaded from Springer.

» “Precaution and innovation in Europe” – a citizen meeting in Sofia, On June 23, 2019 ARC Fund hosted a half-day citizen meeting in Sofia to discuss the topic of precaution and innovation. The meeting brought together 27 participants representing different social groups, professions, cities and age. Similar meetings were organised in four other countries – Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy. The aim of the meetings was learn what EU citizens think about fairness, risk and safety in relation to research, precaution and innovation.

» ARC Fund at the Pathways to Transformation conference, Pathways to Transformation conference was the concluding event for two EU-funded projects NUCLEUS and RRI-Practice. The jointly organised conference took place in Brussels on June 20-21, 2019.

» Music WorX - accelerator for music industry, The Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft is looking for people who develop innovative technology-based business models in the music industry - Music WorX is one of the few accelerators worldwide, specifically for startups and entrepreneurs from the music industry.

» Award Ceremony of "Excellence in Innovation" label by ARC Fund, The Applied Research and Communications Fund, ARC Consulting and Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria awarded the “Excellence in Innovations” label which is given to innovation enterprises’ nominees in the National Innovation Forum in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The event that took place for the first time was under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev and was held in the building of the Presidency on 8 February 2019.

» Fourteenth National Innovation Forum "Smart Policies for Innovation-driven Growth", Applied Research and Communications Fund, ARC Consulting, Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria, ЕC Representation in Bulgaria and Joint Innovation Centre of the BAS with the support of the Directorate General GROW and Executive Agency for SMEs, EC in media partnership with BNT, Economy magazine, and are organizing the Fourteenth National Innovation Forum "Smart Policies for Innovation-driven Growth".

» Excellence-in-ReSTI: International pilot training kick-off for 25 young project managers from the Danube Region, Eisenstadt, 02.10.2018 – Two days full of learning, networking, and gaining skills for innovative project management: University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Burgenland’s Campus Eisenstadt turned into a networking hub for 25 young project managers from all over Europe on October 1-2. The event kicked off a one-year pilot blended learning programme, the “”, in which students and trainers will work together on testing and improving a five-module curriculum on Excellence in Research, Social and Technological Innovation Project Management (Excellence-in-ReSTI).

» Open Call for Experts – Registry of Research Infrastructures Reviewers, The ResInfra@DR project launched an Open Call for experienced evaluators who want to be included in a registry of research infrastructure (RI) reviewers. Reviewers in the registry must have the knowledge, experience and ability to conduct ex-ante assessments of upcoming RI instruments and/or planned RIs in the Danube macro-region countries.

» Open Call Announcement
Mutual Learning Exercise within the
ResInfra@DR, ResInfra@DR project partners would like to announce an open call for the involvement of research infrastructures and thematic experts in the mutual learning exercise. Designed to strengthen Research Infrastructures in the Danube macro region, the project develops a mutual learning activity resulting in practical recommendations. Eligibility criteria, financial framework, evaluation criteria, and special call conditions are described in the Terms of References here.

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