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RIS-NAC region have already been through the process of developing of their regional innovation strategies and are now are at the critical point of implementing the regional innovation policy schemes. Up to now they did not have the power or resources to implement the suggested measures, but in the near future they can use the structural funds as an instrument to perform actions for their regions to enhance the competitiveness based on innovation.

RIS-NAC regions are now aware of their objectives but some priorities still need careful programming, which implies analysis of resources, target groups, most efficient actions, financing, partnership building, division of work, etc. Now is the time to build commitment of the regional actors to support the process of innovation, setting up of strategic priorities and preparing implementation action plan.

The Transfer of European best practices to 5 NAC regions for improvement of innovation culture and skills (5SCHEMES) is a project within the framework of the specific research and technological development programme "Structuring the European Research Area". It is a demand driven project of 5 RIS NAC regions – Wielkopolska, Warmia and Mazury (Poland), Slovenia, South Central planning region of Bulgaria, and Cyprus, to design specific innovation policy measures and focuses primarily on the implementation of non-financing elements of the regional innovation strategy of the participating regions.

Its main aims are (i) to enhance the implementation of RIS NAC action plans, (ii) to utilise European expertise to design innovation support measures, and (iii) to adapt and transfer best practices from EU Member States to RIS NAC regions.

The 5 partner organisations are the Poznan Science and Technology Park, Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation (Poland) being the coordinator, the City of Ljubljana (Slovenia), ARC Fund (Bulgaria), the Board of the Warmia and Mazury Voivodship (Poland), and RTD Talos Ltd (Cyprus).

The project will develop 5 specific schemes that will address the following areas:
- The need to improve companies’ innovation management
- The need to stimulate the R&D to serve the regional economy
- The need to design innovation consulting services
- The need to promote the overall innovation culture
- The need to provide support to clusters

5SCHEMES will achieve its objectives through:
• Identification and adopting of best practices in EU regions
• Use assistance of the best European experts in the field of the above mentioned innovation support schemes
• Scheme programming involving the regional actors and joined work of the partners and experts on universal methodology of the measure
• Collaboration with other schemes of Innovating Regions in Europe
• Dissemination of the project results among all European regions

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