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INNO-PRO is a project supported by the Leonardo da Vinci program of the EU which serves as a laboratory of innovation in the field of lifelong learning. The project is based on the results of an earlier INNOMAT developed, piloted and disseminated a training package on innovation management techniques for use by business managers.

The objectives of INNO-PRO is to adapt, promote, disseminate, and improve the INNOMAT training package in as many different sectors and countries as possible by establishing a network of organisations to carry out specific tasks which include:

  • Awareness and dissemination campaign for the promotion of the INNOMAT training package both among the network members as well as towards each member's clientele and collaborators
  • Examining the INNOMAT training package against the needs of the new target groups, sectors, cultures, languages
  • Piloting and promoting the package to SME managers and trainers through workshops and conferences
  • Developing printed as well as off and on-line promotional material (newsletter, Internet site, CD-ROMs, brochures, leaflets)
  • Networking with relevant bodies each partner is a member of
  • Publishing and commercialising the INNOMAT training package
  • Fostering an innovation culture among European businesses and generating discussion, exchange of ideas / views and transfer of experience on innovation management.
  • The INNO-PRO network has three different kinds of memberships, each with different roles and degrees of involvement:

    - the Contractor and the Core team,
    - the permanent relay points of social partners, local authorities and / or professional organisations who, under the coordination of the core team, provide the initiatives for the promotion of the training package,
    - a set of occasional correspondents that support the other partners in realising various promotion initiatives.

    ARC Fund is one of the permanent relay points of the project.

    The INNO-PRO target groups in Bulgaria are primarily SMEs. The innovation management needs of 78 SMEs were analyzed during 2002. The survey involved companies from the food and beverage, metals and machinery, hotels and restaurants and agricultural sectors. The INNOMAT Book, CD-ROM and Trainers Manual have been translated in Bulgarian. A pilot workshop for 15 SMEs is scheduled to take place in January 2004 in Sofia. Upon completion of the project the INNOMAT package will be widely disseminated in Bulgaria.

    Additional information on INNO-PRO and INNOMAT at:

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