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The TOUREG project (Research Driven Cluster for Tourist SectorCompetitiveness and Knowledge) commenced in January 2008 involving partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Sweden.

The project is funded by the 7-th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7), under its “Regions of knowledge’ initiative. The TOUREG imitative will be implemented in the following regions: South West region, Bulgaria ; Balearic Islands, Spain; Madeira, Portugal; Crete, Greece; Mehedinti, Rumania and Norrbottens Iän, Sweden.

The main objective of TOUREG project is to improve the competitiveness and strategic position of the tourism sector and in particular tourist-oriented sectors in European regions. In order to achieve this proposal the project foresees a platform for generation and transmission of knowledge on the basis of technological innovation and research in the tourism sector.

Tourism is seen as priority sector in the development of the Bulgarian economy. The main objective of the Bulgarian tourism sector is to achieve a sustainable growth of the sector through continuous improvement of the tourism ‘product’, infrastructure and through marketing the Bulgarian tourist industry to international markets.

The TOUREG project aims at establishing a mechanism for giving SMEs greater access to knowledge about tourism-related R&D+I, for diffusion of best practices and knowledge about R&D+I, for exchange of experience between the participating regions and countries. The strategic objective is to create a research-driven cluster at international level, structured around the consortium of European partners created in the framework of this project.

How will the project works in the South West region of Bulgaria?

  • At the initial project phase, an analysis of the current stage of the tourism sector will be done. The analysis will en compass the existing R&D + I policies, major statistical data, SWOT analysis, identification of the SMEs technology needs in the sector.
    Face-to-face meetings with SMEs form the sector will be made in order to identify their technology needs.
  • A Technology map of the existing innovative technologies in the partnering regions in the tourism sector will be elaborated as a result of the analyses.
  • Transnational networking events will be organised to facilitate technology transfer between the participating regions and to promote the SMEs that will take part in the project.
  • A feasibility plan for the development of joint action will be prepared between project partners - action that would help to diversify and specialize R&D+I in the tourist-oriented services with a view to improving competitiveness.
  • Conclusions and recommendations will be produced. They will help to improve and adapt public R&D+I policies to the requirements of the sector in question in the participating regions, bearing in mind the European and international context.

To participate in the project, please fill in the questionnaire and send it back to:
Applied Research and Communications Fund
Ms. Teodora Georgieva:
tel: (+359 2) 973 3000
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