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ARC Fund specializes in which constitute important pillars of a knowledge society: Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Innovation and Business Support Program, and Safer Internet Program. In all fields ARC Fund is trying to influence the adoption of innovative concepts and policies by government, businesses, academic institutions and NGOs. It facilitates various coalition-building efforts and supports the formulation of public policies by supplying policy-oriented research and analyses on subjects ranging from innovation systems to e-government and the role of media in anticorruption. ARC Fund also acts as a watch-dog for the implementation of public policies.

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

The Science,Technology and Innovation Policy Program of ARC Fund is involved in public debates on the challenges faced by research and innovation stakeholders. It mobilizes actors from civil society, business, universities and research organizations, as well as policy and decision-makers, towards a shared understanding of forthcoming transformations and challenges in technological developments and innovations, and steers them towards a shared vision for the integration of responsible research and innovation principles into science and policy-making. (more)

Innovation and Business Support Program

ARC Fund contributes to, and supports the development of information society policies in Bulgaria. This is being done through policy analyses in such fields as telecommunications, electronic media, and ICTs; drafting and proposing policy documents to responsible government agencies, and performing analytical work commissioned by Bulgarian and international organizations, including the World Bank, European Commission, or other major international agencies. (more)

Safer Internet Program

Since August 2005, the non-governmental Applied Research and Communications Fund has being operating the Bulgarian Hotline -, co-funded by the European Commission within the framework of the Safer Internet Program. It aims to create conditions for receiving reports for illegal and harmful for children content and conduct online and is now integrated into the portal website of the Safer Internet Centre. (more)


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