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» ARC Fund Joins the Athens Business Club 2004, IRC-Bulgaria and IRC HELP-FORWARD are proud to present the launching of their cooperation with the Hellenic Centre for Investment (ELKE) on a Greek Government Initiative supported by the “Athens 2004 Organizing Committee” - the Athens Business Club 2004. The Club aims at fostering the technological and economic cooperation between Bulgarian, Greek and foreign firms, towards and during the 2004 Olympic Games. The Club's Patron is Ulysses Kyriacopoulos, the Chairman of the Federation of Greek Industries.

» Working Meeting on Competitiveness and Biotechnologies, On December 12, 2003 Innovation Relay Center – Bulgaria, MSI – Bulgaria and GIS Transfer Center Foundation organize a Working Meeting focused on Competitiveness in the field of Biotechnologies in Bulgaria. The working meeting will be held at “Rodina” hotel in Sofia. The event is part of the Business Innovation Program launched in September 2003 aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy through introduction of innovative practices. During the meeting the heads of scientific units in the field of biotechnologies will present some of their innovative RTD results and the company managers will share their technological problems.

» Information Day on Regional Innovation Strategies, On December 5, 2003 ARC Fund organized an Information Day on the forthcoming (in spring 2004) call for proposal for implementation of Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) projects. The call is part of the European Union's 6th Framework Program. The conference, which took place at the Boyana government compound in Sofia, was a joint event supported by DG Enterprises of the European Commission and the Partner Network in the UK.

» ARC Fund at the eEurope+ 2003 International Workshop in Prague, ARC Fund presented its e-readiness findings at the eEurope+ 2003 international workshop on “Monitoring, Benchmarking and Best Practices” held in Prague on December 2-3, 2003.

» ARC Fund plays the leading role in the introduction of Foresight in Bulgaria, Technology Foresight is considered to be of value not only for the leading economies, but also for economies like Bulgaria and Romania. The processes of globalisation put stronger pressure on transition countries to specialise and develop adjustment policies. The foresight initiative in Bulgaria is aimed at adaptation of the foresight toolbox, elaboration of methodological frameworks and recommendations by implementing two foresight pilots in the field of e-Government and Agriculture (plant and animal biotechnology) and beverage and food industry.

» Meeting of the National and International expert panels on Biotechnology under the ForeTech project, On November 27, 2003, ARC Fund organised the second meeting of the national and international Biotech expert panels as part of the national stage of the ForeTech project implementation in Bulgaria. The objective of this workshop was to further develop the draft future scenarios scoped so far by the panelists with the input of international foresight experts from the eForesee partner project.

» ARC Fund initiated a National Council on Safer Internet Use in Bulgaria, On November 27, 2003 ARC Fund hosted the inaugural meeting which established a National Council on prevention and control of illegal and harmful content on the Internet. The council will coordinate the actions against such content disseminated online, and will set rules for self-regulation among major ISPs in the country.

» ARC Fund organized an International Foresight Seminar on Scenario Writing Techniques, On November 17-18, 2003, ARC Fund organized the second International Capacity Building Workshop focused on tools and techniques used in the foresight process for scoping and developing scenarios. The two day workshop featured lectures by international foresight experts from PREST, the University of Mancherster, UK, TEP – Hungarian Ministry of Education, and the FISTERA Network.

» Round table discussion on the problems of illegal and harmful content on the internet in Bulgaria, On November 12, 2003 ARC Fund and the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) organized a round table discussion on the problems of illegal and harmful content on the internet in Bulgaria.

» Discussion Forum on the “Use of Electronic Signatures in the Public Domain”, ARC Fund and Center for the Study of Democracy organize discussion forum on the “Use of Electronic Signatures in the Public Domain – First Steps and Challenges”. The event took place on November 6, 2003 (Thursday) at the Electroimpex Hall, 17 George Washington Street in Sofia.

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