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» Round table on "Computer Games and Children's Safety in Internet", On 12 September 2008 the State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (SAITC) organized jointly with the Bulgarian InSafe Awareness Node a round table entitled "Computer Games and Children's Safety in Internet". Representatives of the executive and legislative institutions, IT companies and mobile operators, providers of online games, parents' organizations, NGOs and the media participated in the event.

» Seminar on Public-Private Partnerships in the Area of Safer Internet Use, On 16 July 2008 the Center for the Study of Democracy, together with the Consultative Council with the Committee on EU Matters of the Bulgarian National Assembly, held a seminar, entitled Public-Private Partnerships in the Area of Justice, Freedom and Security: the New EU Programme on Safer Use of the Internet with an audience of Members of Parliament, representatives of governmental institutions, NGO’s and experts.

» Innovations: European, National and Regional Policies, ARC Fund has released its latest publication on Innovations: European, National and Regional Policies. The book is a continuation of Innovation: Policy and Practice, which was published in 2004. It analyzes the innovation issues in Bulgaria, focusing on the practical aspects of innovation at firms' level and in the context of Bulgaria’s EU accession. The book was officially presented by ARC Fund on 15 July 2008 . Many foreign authors participated in the elaboration of the book, as well as Bulgarian authors from universities, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, NGOs and industrial associations. The book reviews the globalization process, modern models for knowledge and technology transfer, partnerships between science, business and Governments.

» FutureFood6 national workshop presented results of the national survey on the future key technologies in food quality and safety, On June 20th, 2008, ARC Fund organized a national workshop within the initiative FutureFood6 for presenting the results from the interviews and the responses to the on-line questionnaire completed by more than 150 experts throughout Bulgaria.

» 9th International Venture Capital Forum, 19 - 20 June 2008, Athens , The Hellenic Center for Investment (ELKE) , the New Economy Development Fund (TANEO) , the Innovation Relay Centre HELP-FORWARD and the Innovation Relay Centre-Bulgaria with the cooperation of the Hellenic Venture Capital Association invite entrepreneurs and researchers having ambitious and innovative business plans to participate in bilateral business meetings with Greek and International Venture Capital firms during the 9th International Venture Capital Forum.

» ARC Fund presents its project on Virtual and Real Violence in schools, In May, ARC Fund presented to teachers and parents the project Children in Virtual and Real Violence – Prevention by Interactive Education. On May 10, the project, which is co-financed by the Swiss Oak Foundation, was presented at the annual Education Fest in the National Palace of Culture in downtown Sofia.

» Bulgaria – Italy Technological Transfer Event in the ICT sector, IRC Bulgaria and IRC IRIDE, in collaboration with the Centre of Information Society Technologies (CIST) in Bulgaria and the Italian company PoloICT, organised on 27-28 March 2008 in Sofia a Technology Transfer Event in the ICT field, with particular focus on “Telework: technologies and methodologies” .

» IRC Future Match 2008 - a Brokerage Event in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) during CeBIT 2008, March 4th - 8th, 2008, On the occasion of CeBIT 2008, the world's leading fair for information and communication technologies, the Innovation Relay Centre IRC-Bulgaria - being a partner to the ICT Thematic Group of the IRC Network – co-organized the IRC Future Match brokerage event for the seventh consecutive time.

» European Partnering Event at the International Trade Fair CLEAN ENERGY POWER® 2008, Stuttgart, Germany , The Innovation Relay Centre – Bulgaria, managed by ARC Fund, the Bulgarian Industrial Association and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, IRC Stuttgart-Erfurt-Zürich, IRC Bavaria, IRC Anatolia and ALTEC SA , organised an European Partnering Event in the field of energy efficient buildings and renovation technologies on 8 March 2008 in Stuttgart. Participants will have the opportunity to meet potential European cooperation partners during pre-arranged meetings.

» Awarding ceremony for participants in the pan-European online competition among schools, On February 12, the international Safer Internet Day, ARC Fund as coordinator of the national SID events, organized and awarding ceremony for the best projects of Bulgarian school-children participating at the pan-European online competition among schools “Life online is what YOU make of IT”.

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