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» Teenagers’ Actions and Interactions Online in Central and Eastern Europe, In December 2008 a book on trends in Internet use by teenagers in Central and Eastern Europe, Bulgaria included, was published. The book "Teenagers’ Actions and Interactions Online in Central and Eastern Europe. Potentials and Empowerment, Risks and Victimization" is the result of an international conference in Cluj-Napoca, Rumania initiated by the Babes-Bolyai University.

» CSD Brief No 17: Bulgaria and the Multiannual Community Programme on Protecting Children Using the Internet, In February 2008 the European Commission (EC) adopted a Proposal for a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a Multiannual Community Programme on Protecting Children Using the Internet and Other Communication Technologies - COM (2008) 106.

» Innovations: European, National and Regional Policies, The book analysis the innovation issues in Bulgaria, focusing on the innovations practical aspects on firm level and in the context of Bulgaria’s EU accession. Many international authors participated in the elaboration of the book, as well as Bulgarian authors from universities, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, NGOs and industrial associations, etc.

» Иновациите: европейски, национални и регионални политики, Настоящата книга е продължение на монографията "Иновациите - политика и практика", издадена от Фондация "Приложни изследвания и комуникации" през 2004 г. Тя третира актуални иновационни проблеми в страната, но се фокусира и върху конкретни практически аспекти на иновациите на фирмено равнище в светлината на членството на България в ЕС. В нея освен български участват и автори от други страни-членки на ЕС.

» 2008 Report , Following the methodology of the previous edition, 2008 analyzes the development dynamics of the national innovation system during the past year and the growth opportunities in 2009 in five groups of indicators

» Why Invest in Science in South Eastern Europe?, The Proceedings of an International Conference and high level Round Table held on 28 and 29 September 2006 in Ljubljana, Slovenia "Why Invest in Science in South Eastern Europe?", provide the reader with a wealth of insights and analyses from the Conference regarding the state of S&T and innovation policy in SEE.

» 2007 Report, ARC Fund’s latest report 2007 analyzes the state of the national innovation system and makes recommendations for enhancing the innovation performance of the Bulgarian economy. This year’s report makes a review of the European innovation policy and the opportunities it offers to Bulgaria.

» MediaTrans: New technologies for the Media Sector, ARC Fund has published a leaflet for medium and small enterprises in the media sector. The leaflet informs the SMEs about the multinational project MediaTrans and the possibilities the project opens for enhancing media companies' competitiveness.

» ARC Fund Released its e-Bulgaria 2006 Report, ARC Fund has released its latest e-Bulgaria 2006 Report which analyzes the progress in ICT infrastructure deployment in the country, as well as the penetration and use of internet and ICT-related services in Bulgarian households, enterprises, schools, universities and government institutions over this year. The report presents a wealth of empirical and qualitative data, synthetic indicators, trend analysis and projections, policy options and recommendations for the future development of information society in the country.

» Open book for free/libre and open source software , The Open book for free/libre and open source software(4,08 MB in Bulgarian) is an ARC Fund publication providing useful background information on open source ideology and history and elucidating some basic terminology related to it.

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