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» SMEs Participation in the EU Sixth Framework Programme (in Bulgarian), This document is a practical guide on the provisions for participation of SMEs in the 6th Framework Programme for Research and Development published in Bulgarian by ARC Fund and the Ministry of Education and Science. The original document, together with practical guides on particular instruments and other relevant documents, is available on the Europa website.

» The 6th Framework Programme in Brief, This brochure, co-published by ARC Fund and the Ministry of Education and Science, offers an overview of the basic features of the EU Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6).

» Innovation Policies of Ireland (in Bulgarian), During the last years the Irish economy is developing very fast. For the period 1993-2001 the average annual GDP growth and the employment rates have been respectively 8,3% and 4,7%.

» Developing eGovernment in Bulgaria, ARC Fund and the Coordination Center for ICMT at the Council of Ministers published the brochure Developing eGovernment in Bulgaria to promote the concept of e-government, and raise awareness of the benefits and opportunities it creates for all members of Bulgarian society.

» Innovation Policy in Denmark (in Bulgarian), During the last twenty years Denmark has been experimenting with many forms for transition to applied economic politics. At the end of the 1980s the country has embarked on a transition from politics of short-term stabilization to long-term structural politics.

» Scientific Research and Innovation in the Netherlands (in Bulgarian), The innovation system in Holland is in fact a research interest from different points of view. Considering the significant differences between Bulgaria and Holland, they are very similar in some characteristics.

» Bulgaria: ICT Infrastructure and e-Readiness Assessment, This e-readiness report analyzes Bulgaria’s preparedness for the information society and measures the state of ICT infrastructure, as well as the availability and use of Internet and other ICT-related services in Bulgarian society, economy and government by 2002. The report is the result of an ICT infrastructure and e-readiness grant which ARC Fund received from the World Bank's Information for Development (infoDev) Program.

» Innovation Policies of Poland (in Bulgarian) , The creation and the transformation of innovations into commercial success are one of the main factors for improving the competitive power of the Polish economy in the beginning of 21st century. Because of that, many initiatives are being undertaken in the country for improving the innovative level and these initiatives are considered as an integral part of the preparation for full EU membership.

» Financial Instruments, Programs and Initiatives in Support of Information Society (in Bulgarian), This publication, which is part of a series of educational brochures released by ARC Fund in 2001, is a quick reference guide to the European Union's research programs and other funding schemes in support of information society projects and initiatives.

» Innovation Policies of the Federal Republic of Germany (in Bulgarian), Germany has decided to support its economy and society in the global competition on their way to the new millennium. The main objective is to increase the innovative power of German enterprises, the innovation readiness of German society and the ability to tak on responsibility. Such a concept ensures sustainable competitiveness and effectiveness which, on their side, create greater employment.

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