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» Benchmarking of e-Municipality Websites in Bulgaria (in Bulgarian), This report is the outcome of a municipal websites assessment which ARC Fund completed in November 2004 with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bulgaria. The report looks at the availability and quality of some 125 municipal websites in an attempt to determine the level of local e-government development in the country and identify positive examples which can be transferred as best practice.

» Innovation: Policy and Practice, Innovation is key to enhancing the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy, to accelerating its economic growth and improving the living standards of its population. The monograph, titled Innovation: policy and practice, was developed by a group of renowned academics and innovation experts – members of ARC Fund’s Expert Council on Innovation, and representatives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, universities, high-tech companies and research centres.

» E-Bulgaria Report 2004, This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Bulgaria’s state of preparedness for the Information Society (e-readiness) over the period 2002-2004. It traces the progress in ICT infrastructure deployment and the availability and use of Internet and ICT-related services in Bulgarian society, economy, government and education. The report is divided in five sections: e-access; e-society; e-education; e-business, and e-government/e-policy. In each of these categories the narrative analysis is amply illustrated with statistical data and figures. Synthetic indicators outline the degree of e-readiness in a historic perspective. A composite e-Bulgaria Index and trend charts are also presented.

» Regional Innovation Strategy for the South Central Region of Bulgaria, The Regional Innovation Strategy for the South Central Region of Bulgaria was elaborated under the EU RIS/SC-Bg project that was funded by DG Enterprise of the European Commission and implemented by a consortium of the following organizations: ARC Fund (Coordinator), the Commission for Social and Economic Cohesion, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, tti Magdeburg (Germany), and the University of Thessaly (Greece).

» Knowledge Economy – theory, policies and developments in Bulgaria, This brochure, published by ARC Fund in May 2004, discusses the central importance of knowledge for productivity, competitiveness, and growth. The text is structured along the analytical model developed by the World Bank Institute, which defines four main pillars of the “knowledge economy”, namely: institutional and economic incentives regime; national innovation system; education and training; and ICT infrastructure.

» Current State, Development Prospects and Integration Potential of Optoelectronics and Microoptoelectronincs in Bulgaria: Analysis, ARC Fund organized and carried out, together with the Faculty of Communications and Communication Technologies at the Technical University - Sofia, a national survey to identify the Bulgarian organizations and research units working in the field of optoelectronics and microoptoelectronics; establish their interests, assets and opportunities, and the efficiency of already established partnerships.

» Industrial case studies on innovation and technology needs of companies in the South-Central Region of Bulgaria, This document contains 10 industrial case studies analyzing the innovation processes at company level, and companies’ demand for new technologies in the following priority sectors of the regional economy of the South Central region of Bulgaria: agriculture and agrochemistry; food industry; electronics and electrotechnics; mechanical engineering; tourism; timber; wood processing and furniture production; textiles; perfumery and cosmetics; leather and shoe-making industry.

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