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An inclusive labour market for vulnerable groups

In recent years, the European Union has been facing substantial challenges in its labor markets. This is primarily as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, mixed with geopolitical uncertainty, rapid energy transitions, technological developments, and an ageing population. Vulnerable groups are particularly impacted by these challenges. It is critical to support them and begin working towards a more inclusive labor market, ensuring that no one falls behind. 

ARC Fund, in collaboration with 16 organizations from Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Portugal, launched the implementation of SYNCLUSIVE, the primary goal of which is to boost the inflow, retention, and professional development of vulnerable groups while also reducing employment imbalances and promoting inclusion.

SYNCLUSIVE applies a system approach to close the employment gap and create a more inclusive labor market for vulnerable groups. It recognises that stimulating labor market inclusion entails more than just integrating vulnerable groups that are currently unemployed. Instead, it presents a forward-thinking strategy centred on increasing the labor market mobility of employees within organizations. SYNCLUSIVE aims to reduce labor market inequities and promote inclusion by facilitating mobility.

Four Living Labs in the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, and Bulgaria will actively promote the formation of active regional community coalitions. These coalitions seek to promote upward mobility inside organizations, hence improving access for vulnerable job applicants.

The Living Labs are expected to generate positive results in the short term. However, SYNCLUSIVE’s impact goes beyond these places. Opportunities for upscaling and broader implementation will be investigated in three additional EU countries: Ireland, Estonia, and Italy, with the valuable input of social partners, stakeholders, and experts.

SYNCLUSIVE commenced in March, 2023 in Leiden, the Netherlands. 

SYNCLUSIVE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101094526