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Efficient and Transparent Smart Specialization Policy of Bulgaria 2021–2027

The project is funded under the OP “Good Governance” within the Priority Axis “Efficient and Professional Management in Partnership with Civil Society and Business” and under the Procedure “Increasing the Citizen Participation in the Processes of Policy Making, Implementation and Monitoring”.

Innovations are a key factor for growth and competitiveness. European initiatives and developed countries’ practices confirm the need for sustainable, innovation-oriented behaviour as the only possible approach to maintaining high competitiveness.

Bulgaria’s main achievements in the field of innovation policy during the period of EU membership include both the actual payments made under the operational programs, as well as the absorption of funds directly through the European framework programs; foreign direct investment in high-tech sectors and research; implementing a range of sustainable, social and open innovation initiatives; the improved administrative capacity of the central and local authorities in working with European programs and in providing services to businesses.

However, the new challenges facing the European Union call for even more efficient management of research and innovation budgets, and this is a focus of a series of analyses and communications from the European Commission.

The present project is aimed at developing a concept for a transparent and effective innovation policy for smart specialization of Bulgaria for the programme period 2021-2027, which reflects and develops the national innovation potential and the competitive advantages of the regional business communities on the basis of the entrepreneurial discovery as a tool for building an entrepreneurial and innovation culture and active citizenship of all stakeholders.

The main activities for realization of the project idea will include diagnostics of the innovation policy pursued so far; analysis of business needs; good practices in the implementation of smart specialization strategies; analytical provision of financial and non-financial instruments to promote entrepreneurial and innovation activity; preparation of a concept and recommendations for the development of an innovative strategy for smart specialization for the programme period 2021-2027.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and has a duration of 24 months.

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