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Just and effective governance for accelerating wind energy

The Horizon Europe project “Just and effective governance for accelerating wind energy (JustWind4All) is implemented by 12 European partners led by the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT). The main objective of the project is to support the development and governance of wind energy in a new fair and efficient way.

Wind energy is considered a crucial energy source to lower GHG emissions and meet the 2030 objectives outlined by the European Union. Although Europe is investing in on- and offshore wind energy, more is needed.

JustWind4All aims to support the acceleration of on- and offshore wind energy through just and effective governance, i.e., the creation of synergies among people and organisations to coordinate and participate in actions around wind energy strategies and deployment. To this end, JustWind4All develops knowledge, practical guidelines, instruments, strategies, and trainings for just and effective decision-making in on- and offshore wind energy governance. This move towards more effective and just decision-making processes and structures is crucial in the context of ambitious EU renewable energy targets, which require installing more and larger on- and offshore wind farms, speeding up the planning and deployment processes whilst ensuring no one is left behind.

JustWind4All makes use of a rigorous trans- and interdisciplinary multi-method research design. It combines holistic impact assessment based on a social-ecological approach with techno-economic modelling to assess a variety of social, environmental, technical, and economic impacts and/or benefits to improve decision-making.

JustWind4All addresses four key challenges related to effective and just wind energy governance:

  • Knowledge gaps
  • Justice
  • Policy frameworks
  • Novel resources

Qualitative and quantitative methodologies (e.g., EU regional case studies, multicriteria mapping) help to investigate ways to foster wind energy citizenship with a particular focus on participation, energy justice and social innovation. Through transdisciplinary knowledge co-production in Wind Labs, JustWind4All makes the most out of novel resources i.e., practices (repowering), technologies (airborne, floating) and regions (e.g., Bulgaria) and engages in knowledge co-production with wind energy governance actors for fit-for-purpose outcomes.

A cutting-edge Win d Forum network enables knowledge exchange and dialogue between multiple stakeholders across policy, community, market and third sector – it ensures that JustWind4All’s knowledge, practical guidelines, instruments, strategies, and training activities have maximum impact.