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Block.IS – accelerator program for blockchain technologies in agriculture and food, logistics and finance

Block.IS is a new accelerator programme that promotes the use of blockchain technology in three sectors vital to the European economy: agriculture and food, logistics and finance.

The accelerator supports SMEs and start-ups in the ICT sector all the way from their ideas to commercialisation. It offers tailored business and technical assistance as well as direct funding of €2.8 million through 2 calls for cross-border and cross-sector projects to ICT companies offering blockchain technologies for the three sectors.

The first call for projects is expected to be launched.

The accelerator program is in 3 phases, with each phase providing technology and business services as well as funding for the development of innovative projects:

– The “INNOVATE” phase will offer 3.000 EUR (lump sum) per candidate for the 90 best project ideas. During the one-month period of the phase, the winners will be invited to refine their concept, develop a model/model of the proposed solution and prepare a pitch presentation to be presented at the cBlock.IS Clusters-Innovators Assembly.

– The EXPERIMENT phase will offer €50,000 per candidate for the 45 best projects from the INNOVATE phase. During this phase, which lasts 8 months, the winners will develop their projects in close collaboration with Block.IS cluster networks, sector specialists and technology experts.

– The COMMERCIALIZE phase will offer €7,000 per innovator for the 20 projects with the highest business potential from the EXPERIMENT phase. This phase will last for 2 months, during which the winners will develop activities related to the promotion and exploitation of their project in order to attract new customers and/or partners and/or investors.

The Block.IS consortium includes technology creators and communities of companies (F6S), clusters and sector associations (VOICT, FEDACOVA, IT-Log, DSME, FTS), international innovation and technology transfer specialists (INO, IDI, CIVITTA, SYN) and Blockchain (INTRA, TNO).

For further information:

Denitsa Marinova, denitsa.marinova(at)


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