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Awarded and nominated companies at the Fourteenth National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2018

The award ceremony of the contest’ 14th edition was featured during the National Innovation Forum on 6th December 2018.

As of this year the contest awardees and nominees receive ARC Fund’s new label ‘Excellence in Innovation’. The award winners and the nominees are given the opportunity to outreach potential business partners from over 60 countries across the world through the Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria.

The forum is organized under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Rumen Radev who awarded the winners in the following categories according to the innovation’s impact:

“Market Leadership” award

Spesima Ltd.

Spesima reengineers utilized universal robots from the automobile industry. The company uses the robot mechanic construction, and develops and equips it with new hardware and software, thus transforming its application to an entirely new one. The approach is ecological and energy-saving. The company sells successfully in over 35 countries all over the world.

“Social innovation” award

Comrade Cooperative

Comrade Cooperative develops innovative software products on the base of blockchain and artificial intelligence. It is founded by 16 cooperators. The company has created a blockchain-based infrastructure for management of decentralized autonomous organizations via smart contracts, called Wetonomy. It has also developed the Scynet plaform for creation and training of artificial intelligence on the grounds of blockchain.

“Innovative start-up enterprise” award

Micar Innovation Ltd.

Micar Innovation has created a platform for fast screening and discovery of new drug molecules for pre-clinical research for a large class of diseases. The company combines biotechnologies and information technologies by shortening the selection and molecule purification to less than a year. Micar’s portfolio thus far includes 5 molecules, ready for patenting.


Tinusaur Ltd.

Tinusaur has developed an educational platform and set of original tools for programming, robotics and electronics in open source. The training focuses on the engineering aspects of programming. The platform and robot sets are used in universities and schools in Bulgaria, Canada, USA, Germany and Mexico.

“Innovation for quality of life” award

Printivo Ltd.

Printivo is specialized in 3D bioprinting of tissues. It has developed a bioprinter, 5 bio-inks and an original technology for 3D bioprinting of bone tissue. Printivo’s innovation is a world novelty with application in the medicine and dentistry.

“Green Innovation” award

Biomyc Ltd.

Biomyc has developed a composite material, similar to plastic foam, based on crop waste and the root structure of mushrooms. It has created a fully biodegradable packaging and furniture fiberboard from that material. Once a waste, the latter degrades in natural conditions within 75 days.

“Innovation Management” award

Autoikonom Ltd.

Autoikonom is the developer of an internet platform and a mobile app for interactive two-way connection between the car owner and the service providers – technical reviews, services, insurance and leasing companies. It offers special services for mothers and disabled people and is featured by a high-level innovation organization and culture.

“Innovation powered by talent” award

Web Services Ltd.

Web Services has developed an original technology for multicultural learning – “Umni dechica” (“Smart kids”) for kindergartens and infant-schools. The learning process is supervised by a teacher or a parent and happens in an easy and funny way via multimedia games and tests, text, audio and illustrations. It is used in over 150 kindergartens. The training is possible in any type of electronic environment – computer, mobile phone, tablet and interactive whiteboard.

“Innovation in creative industry” award

Elius Bo Ltd.

Elius Bo has developed its own Cablecam system and software for movement of cameras and objects with payload up to 200 kg in the 3D space. The solution offers the best opportunities in the branch for shooting dynamic scenes and cascades via programmed targeting. A few world-known movies were made using this technology.

All the companies awarded in the National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2018

Nominations in the National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2018 (in alphabetical order)

A Data Pro Ltd.

A Data Pro has developed a platform for optimization of the gathering and independent processing of big information array through automatic recognition of “persons of specific interest” involved in criminal activity.

Antipodes Ltd.

Antipodes has developed the first for Bulgaria high-class ERP system as a cloud solution, localized in six languages, at prices reasonable for the SMEs.

Bio Way Ltd.

Bio Way has developed a business model for production of Shiitake mushrooms in Bulgarian rural regions by setting up bio-farms, owned by individuals and/or legal entities, who work under the same brand and follow identical standards.

Center of integrated medicine Ltd.

Center of Integrated medicine developed a protocol and a program for treatment of oncological diseases based on insulin potentiated therapy and biomagnetic therapy.

ConnectedBin Ltd

ConnectedBin have developed a solution for “smart” waste collection, integrating configurable IoT sensors with a software platform for real-time monitoring and management of container networks for waste collection.

15BG Ltd.

15BG has developed 15toGO – an application for a new way of identifying, booking and organizing shared travels through direct connection with the travel agencies.

Imperia Online Ltd.

Imperia Online has developed and released on the market the multiplatform Imperial Hero roleplay in a version designed for the Russian speaking markets.

Make Bulgaria Ltd.

Make Bulgaria offers a patented technology for a mobile system and composite panels for thermal insulation of residential buildings and industrial installations.

Microweber CMS Ltd.

Microweber CMS offers an online platform with an open source code for the creation of websites, online shops and blogs via a drag-and-drop technology.

Mobile Systems Ltd.

Mobile Systems (under the brand MobiSystems) developed the ‘OfficeSuite Now’ – a cross-platform office for companies and end customers with integrated mail-client and PDF editor.

Musala Soft JSC

Musala Soft is a leading software company, which has created the training format ‘Learn from the Masters’ for individuals with basic or no experience, who plan to follow an IT career.

Phyre JSC

Phyre has developed the mobile PHYRE portfolio – an independent fin-tech product enabling contactless payment via smartphone, transfers among subscribers and digitalization of discount cards.

Ride Share Bulgaria JSC

Ride Share Bulgaria offer a free-flow service for shared mobility via electric cars. The service is new for the markets of Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania.

TechRoom Ltd.

TechRoom develops strategies and innovative tools for devising digital standards in the construction industry, specific for individual geographical locations.

Telerik Academy Ltd.

Telerik Academy is an educational organization offering curricula for building skills and acquiring knowledge by both pupils and experts for the IT industry.

Volontime Ltd.

Volontime has created, maintains and develops the Volontime social network for good deeds, where one can find information and become part of any initiative, releated to good deeds.