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Tickey debuts in Portugal and Canada

In the summer of 2017. Tickey Mobile Solutions, creator of an e-ticketed urban transit travel system, expanded its international presence by entering the market in Canada and Portugal. Tickey operates in Lisbon, in Sherbrooke, Canada. The company is now also operating in the public transport of Burgas, Varna, and the Sofia metro.

The company’s business model is based on the service covering only the most used tickets and cards, simplifying them so that passengers use them more and are more satisfied. “A smart (intelligent) city is one in which they use the latest technologies to collect and analyse data from various sensors – about air quality, about traffic flows, about citizens’ attitudes towards different projects, so as to continuously improve the services the city provides to citizens. “, says Dimitar Dimitrov, Executive Director in an interview for the magazine Ikonomika.

Tikiye Mobile Solutions is the winner of the 2016 Innovative Enterprise of the Year Competition. Apply for this year’s Contest until October 15.