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Daniela Georgieva

Assoc. prof. Dr. Daniela Georgieva

Senior Analyst


Doctor of Economics, majoring in economics and sector management,
International Business School, Botevgrad

Master’s Degree, Business Finance,
International Business School, Botevgrad



Dr. Daniela Georgieva is an expert at ARC Fund with a focus on supporting businesses through innovation and R&D. In her career, Daniela Georgieva has worked as an Institutional Erasmus+ coordinator at IBS, a researcher at Sofia University, a part-time assistant on an international project at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, Head of the political department at the Ministry of Tourism during a temporary government. In February 2016, Daniela Georgieva successfully completed a specialization on the topic “Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship through incubation” at the Entrepreneurship and Development Institute of India. She has numerous publications in Bulgaria and abroad on topics related to the innovative development of enterprises and the stimulation of research and development activities at the micro- and macro level. Finalist with a project idea named “Make it visible” in the competition “Innovation in Action”, Solvay Sodi Academy of Innovation in Action, 2015. Won first place on a national level, in the international competition of Konica Minolta, with an innovative project idea called “Doctrina” in 2018.

From 2021 she is a Dean at International business school, Botevgrad, Bulgaria

Membership in organizations:

  • Member of Researchers’ Excellence Network (RENET), 2017
  • Member of WoodEMA i.a. (International Association for Economics, Management, Marketing, Quality and Human Resources in Forestry and Forest Based Industry), 2019 
  • Member of Executive Board на WoodEMA i.a. (International Association for Economics, Management, Marketing, Quality and Human Resources in Forestry and Forest Based Industry) mandate period 2022 – 2024 
  • Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, 2016 
  • Member of the Management Board of the Department of Economics at the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria (Sofia) with a mandate period of 2018-2022 and re-elected with a new mandate period of 2022-2026
  • Member of the Institute of Professional Accountants in Bulgaria
  • Member of the Chamber of Teachers in higher education

Research Focus

Hidden innovations, reporting of innovation projects and activities, R&D disclosures, financing of R&D

Topics of Interest

  • Innovation

  • Innovation policies and strategies 

  • Research and development activities 

  • Reporting of innovation projects 

  • Valuation and recognition of intangible assets created as a result of R&D 

  • Digitization