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2015 Highlights

Twenty-four years since it was established in 1991 as an innovation policy and research institute, the Applied Research and Communications Fund (ARC Fund) remains dedicated to fulfilling its mission of promoting and shaping the information society and the knowledge economy in a national, regional, European and global context. The means ARC Fund employs to realize this goal are applied research and analyses, design of innovative solutions to development problems, formation of new policy concepts and innovative policy-making tools. As an active and reliable partner, ARC Fund has encouraged coalition-building and public-private partnerships, provided trainings and facilitated the transfer of knowledge and good practices in order to strengthen the capacity of various professional groups. During 2015, ARC Fund’s research and advocacy work covered a wide range of areas:

  • Tackling environmental challenges by enhancing green growth and promoting green innovation;
  • Promotion of innovative entrepreneurship in Bulgaria and fostering of innovation in trans-national cooperation;
  • Assessment and management of sustainable innovation;
  • Research and analysis of social innovation practices in education, environment and energy policy fields;
  • Enhancement of collaborations and networks for facilitating a more efficient knowledge and technology transfer;
  • Formulation of policy recommendations to support the public sector innovation;
  • Inclusion of all relevant stakeholders in setting research agendas, based on societal visions, needs and demands.

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