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Vladimir Yordanov

Vladimir Yordanov

Deputy Chairman


Mr. Vladimir Yordanov leads ARC Fund’s efforts to achieve greater sustainability through business development and coordinates the relations with the business community, corporate sector and municipal authorities. Since the establishment of ARC Fund (in 1991) Mr. Yordanov has participated in diversified research activities, focused on ICT and telecommunications, energy and environment. His current focus is on forward-looking studies on sustainable development and technology assessment of the societal aspects of new technologies. 

Mr. Yordanov holds MSc degree in Automatic Control Systems from the Technical University in Sofia, and has also studied at the Technische Universitaet in Dresden and the Herder-Institut in Leipzig (Germany). He has specialised at the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (USTTI) and at the U.S. Board of International Broadcasting in Washington, D.C. His training includes also a Salzburg Seminar Session on managing non-governmental organizations and legal aspects of project finance at the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) in Rome, Italy. Mr. Yordanov has previously worked at the Central Laboratory of Bioinstrumentation and Automation at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.