ForeIntegra Success Scenario Workshop

A day-and-a-half Success Scenario Workshop will be held in Budapest on March 26-27, 2007, within the frame of the ForeIntegra initiative on “Integrating Foresight in Research Infrastructure Policy Formulation” , coordinated by ARC Fund. The event will bring together about 25 experts, one expert per country, basically covering most EU27 countries and Turkey. The participant mix represents expertise in AgriFood / Biotechnology, research infrastructures, and futures thinking. The workshop is focused on the most crucial stage of the ForeIntegra initiative – the development of vision on...

Third Methodological Workshop for ‘Regional Innovation Strategy’

The workshop took place in the Boyana Residence on February 22-23, Sofia. It was focused on the most crucial stage of the RIS initiatives – the development of the Regional Innovation Strategy and the Action Plan for its implementation. It provided RIS project managers with insights and methodological tools for strategy’s development and for acquiring necessary commitment of the regional stakeholders for the successful implementation of the action plan. For more information: Ms Daniela Tchonkova and Ms Denitsa Marinova Presentations are...

Safer Internet Hotline Goes Operational in Bulgaria

A Bulgarian Hotline for reporting illegal and harmful Internet content went operational after a Public Council adopted its operational procedures on May 9, 2006. At its second meeting hosted by the State Agency for Child Protection in Sofia, the Public Council on Safer Internet Use in Bulgaria adopted a Statute of the Council. Members of the Council elected the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Children, Youth and Sports, MP Svetoslav Spassov to be presiding the Council. The vice-chairman of the State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications Mr. Tosho Nedyalkov and the...

Start of the ITE project – Towards A European Wide Intelligent Textile Environment: Building, Linking And Bonding

Since July 1, 2004 ARC Fund has become member of an international consortium implementing this Sixth Framework Programme project. ITE combines the efforts of 22 partners from 16 countries, including Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus, Slovakia and Malta, and it has duration of 24 months. The overall objective of the ITE project is: “Deployment and canalisation of companies’ human capital, in order to increase their sensitisation and activation towards innovation, through their participation...

2002 Highlights

In 2002, the Applied Research and Communications Fund continued to reinforce its principles of strengthening regional cooperation, fighting corruption, and focusing on research to build a knowledge-based society. Analyses were conducted and reports were compiled on key themes for the country’s digital readiness in terms of: e-education, e-society, e-economy and e-government.
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2001 Highlights

In 2001, the Applied Research and Communications Fund focused its activities on the following themes and initiatives:

Focus on and promoting information society
Gauging Bulgaria’s e-Readiness
Policy level initiatives: Internet Alliance for Economic Development
Focus on innovation promotion
Regional Innovation Strategy for the South Central Region of Bulgaria
Initiative for Technology Cooperation in the Balkans

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2000 Highlights

Almost ten years after its inauguration in July 1991, ARC Fund is among the leading NGOs in transition countries engaged in research, policy formulation and public debate on various aspects of information society and innovation.
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1999 Highlights

In 1999, the Applied Research and Communications Fund continued to focus on building an information society and knowledge-based economy. The most significant initiative during the year was Internet Alliance for Economic Development, a private-public coalition established to promote the use of internet and electronic commerce as driving forces for sustainable economic growth in Bulgaria.
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1998 Highlights

ARC Fund was established in July 1991 as the first wave of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) appeared in the aftermath of the 1989 political changes in Bulgarian society. From the very beginning the organization defined its scope of activity in very specific terms: to conduct research, advocacy and training in the field of electronic media and telecommunications. Originally, the main objectives were: to assist the formulation of a modern institutional environment for broadcasting and telecommunications in Bulgaria to generate public awareness and support for the process of liberalization...