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Harmonisation of Missions in the Danube region (HARMONMISSIONS)

Danube region countries such as Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, face some specific challenges in regard to their participation in the Missions of Horizon Europe program. Because of these obstacles, the HARMONMISSION partners have recognized the need for improving the cooperation among countries in the Danube region in order to enhance the capacity of research and innovation actors to participate in Missions-related projects. HARMONMISSION aims to do so by minimizing existing disparities and strengthen collaboration in two specific EU Missions, defined as priority areas by Horizon Europe and aiming to support the transformation of Europe into a greener, healthier, inclusive and resilient continent, namely: Adaptation to climate change (Mission 1) and 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030 (Mission 4). 

To minimize the differences among EU regions in their understanding and participation in the EU Missions, the HARMONMISSIONS partners aim to:

  • Establish a new governance model for the European Missions, based on the Danube region countries’ specific needs, in order for them to become an important element of the European Missions-oriented ecosystem.
  • Facilitate transnational cooperation between EU Missions’ and national and regional authorities to identify and share good practices and raise participation in the EU Missions.
  • Raise awareness of the EU Missions by informing the largest possible audience of stakeholders, as well as involve citizens in the Missions implementation.

HARMONMISSIONS objectives will be achieved through various activities such as: setting up a Danube Region Steering Committee and Advisory groups for the European Missions; establishing a European Mission Observatory platform; creating a platform for sharing best practices towards Climate City Contracts; developing a platform for regional level good practices in the climate-oriented EU Missions; organizing various mutual learning and capacity-building events, workshops, training sessions and brokerage events.

The overall impact of HARMONMISSIONS is related to the reinforcement of the Danube region’s position in the EU by establishing new forms of cooperation and an effective Missions governing model, alleviating disparities with other EU member states, as well as addressing climate challenges in order to improve both the quality of the environment and the quality of life of citizens. 

Project partners include:

  • Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (coordinator), Slovakia
  • Slovak Organization for Research and Development Activities, Slovakia
  • Applied Research and Communications Fund, Bulgaria
  • Ukrainian Institute for International Politics, Ukraine
  • Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding, Romania
  • Regional Agency for Socio – Economic Development – Banat Ltd, Serbia
  • Public Institution for the Development of Međimurje County REDEA, Croatia
  • Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia, Slovenia
  • LIR Evolution, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Institute of Modern Technologies Montenegro, Montenegro
  • City of Košice, Slovakia

The following organisations are associated partners:

  • The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, Slovakia
  • Priority Area 7 (Knowledge Society) of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Slovakia
  • Regional Development Agency Of Khmelnytskyi Oblast, Ukraine
  • Technology Park Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Priority Area 10 (Institutional Capacity and Cooperation) of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Slovenia
  • Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgaria

HARMONMISSION will be implemented in the period January 2024 – June 2026. 

The project is supported by the Interreg Danube Region Program, co-funded by the European Union. More information is available at: 

More information on the Interreg Danube program 2021-2027 is available at: 

For further information on the HARMONMISSIONS Project: