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Fifteenth national contest “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” 2019 Finalists

The national contest “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” is organised by Applied Research and Communications Fund, ARC Consulting, Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria and ЕC Representation in Bulgaria, with the support of the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the European Commission and Joint Innovation Centre of the BAS, and in media partnership with Economy magazine and portal, Computer World,, magazine and

All finalists in the are granted the right to use the “Excellence in Innovation” brand of Applied Research and Communications Fund. This will happen on a ceremony, which will take place on January 30, 2020 at the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria. The finalists will also have the opportunity to reach potential international partners and clients in all economic fields through the Enterprise Europe Network, active in over 60 countries.

During the Fifteenth National Innovation Forum, President Rumen Radev presented awards to distinguished enterprises in the following areas according to the impact of innovation:


For “Market Leadership” an honorary statuette and diploma were awarded to Ultraflex Corporation LTD.

Ultraflex Corporation LTD has developed an innovative induction heating system applicable in all sectors related to the heat treatment of materials – industrial, jewellery, laboratory, dental and medical electronics. The system consists of separate modules that allow parallel heating of different materials according to different parameters. It also allows the addition of additional modules when more power is needed. The system has been sold in the USA, Canada, Turkey and India.


In the “Green Innovation” category for 2019, International Power Supply AD received an honorary diploma and statuette.

International Power Supply AD created an autonomous hybrid power supply system for the management of electricity produced from renewable sources. The system is the first in the world to apply a modular principle to power supply. In case there is a faulty module, its work is taken over by other modules without affecting the operation of the system. Excess energy is stored in rechargeable batteries for further use. The system is operated on 7 continents, in more than 60 countries, in 1500 installations, incl. in areas without access or unreliable electricity grid.


In the “Social Innovation” category for 2019, Naicoms EOOD is awarded the honorary diploma.

Naicoms EOOD has created a system of hardware and software products and services in the field of telemedicine – a telemedicine station; a doctor-patient online audio-video consultation programme; briefcase with wireless diagnostic devices capable of automatic storage, transfer and sharing of data and more. The station is used in 30 hospitals in municipalities of Rousse and Sliven districts, in Sofia hospitals “Pirogov” and “St. Anna” and elsewhere.


The 2019 “Innovative start-up enterprise” award goes to Power Drone Ltd.

Power Drone Ltd develops software for automated analysis of data from technical inspection of power lines and other energy infrastructure based on drone capture. Algorithms based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and automatic image recognition are used. The main applications are: regular inspection, emergency inspection in case of an accident, and assessment and mapping of infrastructure.


The 2019 “Innovation for quality of life” award goes to Proviotic AD.

Proviotic AD created a lyophilized probiotic based on the strain of Lactobacillus bulgaricus. The strain was isolated from snowdrop flower and grown in organic vegetable juice. It has bactericidal properties against Helicobacter pylori (the causative agent of ulcer), and represents an alternative to triple antibiotic therapy. Product research has been done at Harvard University, Institute for Specialization and Improvement of Physicians, and Sofia University. The scientific team included the Nobel laureate Berry Marshall.


The 2019 “Innovation powered by talent” award goes to Ubitrack Ltd.

Ubitrack Ltd automated the process of gathering data on the performance of football players and teams by applying algorithms for computer vision and machine learning to video material. The software recognises the objects on the pitch, divides the teams, identifies each player and monitors the objects until the end of the match. The technology is also available for the minor leagues. The company works with the junior football clubs of “Levski” and “Levski-Rakovski.”


The 2019 “Innovation in creative industry” award goes to ZenArt Ltd.

ZenArt Ltd developed a catalogue “transferring” real historical, cultural and natural destinations into a virtual reality by using two-dimensional authentic images and interpreting them in 3D objects. The first completed project was the “Belogradchik Rocks” – users can take a virtual walk, shoot with Renaissance rifles, learn more about the rich history of the area through an audio storyteller, etc. The forthcoming projects are Mount Olympus and Caribbean Islands.


The 2019 “Innovation Management” award goes to Leanplum EOOD.

Leanplum EOOD created a mobile marketing platform for building long-term, effective relationships between marketing professionals and users of mobile devices through personalised real-time campaigns. The company has also set up an original process for the development of IT talents both inside and outside the company and is characterised by a high degree of innovative organisation and culture.


All finalists in the National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2019 (in alphabetical order)

I Rise Mechanics 357 EAD is the creator of a robotic vertical mobility device for people with disabilities. The device allows safe and secure movement in upright body position and makes it possible to access hard-to-reach objects.

Algae Bulgaria Ltd develops the first industrial installation for cultivation of microalgae in Bulgaria – a photobioreactor system. The company creates and manufactures innovative microalgae-based products, including fresh spirulina.

Ancol Ltd created a system for the control of a tire pressure while driving and at high speed. The system adjusts the tyre pressure according to the road surface, weather conditions and vehicle load, and can be mounted on any vehicle.

LAM’ON Ltd developed a biodegradable film for the printing industry, which is indistinguishable from standard laminates in strength and optical qualities (guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years). It is 100% degradable within one month (depending on the appropriate heat, moisture and presence of micro-organisms).

LogSentinel Ltd developed a product for storing secure audits related to business activities in a private (personalized) blockchain, allowing process monitoring and detection of anomalous behavior, and a secure database that encrypts each record individually, especially valuable for personal data storage and highly sensitive information.

OS Implants Ltd created a 3D-printing platform for artificial bones for the production of anatomical and surgical models to be used for the training of undergraduate and graduate students. Platform can also make custom implants for humans and animals, tailored to the individual characteristics of the patient.

OfficeRnD Ltd developed a software for management of shared workspace that enables shared offices to automate and integrate their most important processes (booking rooms and offices by members, interacting with them, etc.). The software is used by more than 100,000 individual clients in over 40 countries.

Payhawk Ltd designed a software, payment tools and a service for optimisation of expense management, with information about each payment provided in real time. An algorithm extracts data from scanned or electronic payment documents and prepares them for accounting. Full payment automation is ensured by the own smart company card without the need for scanning the payment data.

Pro Drone Sys Ltd developed a multispectral aerial camera that can be attached to an unmanned drone for soil analysis and vegetation measurement, for providing digitalised agronomic recommendations and for making topographic/watershed maps.

The Poppals Ltd is the creator of a digital game of the same name, aimed to helping the teachers to develop teamwork and other social skills among children. The game is based on mathematical tasks and has an ecological context (the game hero cleans the environment).

ScaleFocus AD develops a complex programme for attracting talent into the company, but also for developing talent both inside and outside the company – an open academy for IT training, internal competition for innovative ideas with the purpose of market realisation, support for the design of workspaces by employees and others.

Small Foot Ltd produces snowshoes for extreme conditions that can withstand the harshest winter environment and help climbers to conquer the highest mountain peaks. Snowshoes are suitable for steep slopes and mixed terrains, have an adjustable system and allow for walking with a fixed, raised or free foot.

Fante Agro Ltd develops cosmetic compositions based on saffron crocus extract and rose oil, and produces other cosmetic products with saffron extract. The company grows its own crocus plants and extracts saffron from it, and offers the plant also to other entrepreneurs in exchange for expert support for cultivation and commitment to buy flowers.