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National Contest for Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2015

For the eleventh consecutive year, the Applied Research and Communications Fund, as coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria, presented the “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” award, the most distinguished and long-standing innovation contest in Bulgaria. The event was organized with the support of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The contest aims to encourage local enterprises to innovate by showcasing successful and innovative Bulgarian companies into the public eye.

The President Mr. Rosen Plevneliev of the Republic of Bulgarian presented honorary statuettes to Aiger Engineering Ltd. in the category “Technological leader in a global value chain” and Bulteh 2000 Ltd. in the category “Innovative technologies in traditional sectors”. Seven other innovative Bulgarian companies also received honorary award during the eleventh National Innovation Forum, held on 8 December 2015.

This year participants were awarded in nine categories according to the impact of their innovations:

Area “Innovative technologies in traditional sectors”

Bulteh 2000 Ltd.

Bulteh 2000 develops and produces control and automation systems for the dairy and food industries, aimed in particular at small producers. The company was awarded the prize for Ekomilk iBond, its integrated system for milk collection. The system combines ultrasound technologies for analysing milk quality and IT tools for real-time pricing and bank transfers. Bulteh 2000 is a leading distributor in the world’s biggest markets, including India, Brazil, China and Mexico.

Area “Technological leader in a global value chain”

Aiger Engineering Ltd.

Aiger Engineering designs and manufactures innovative solutions for the tobacco business, which can also be applied in the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Aiger Engineering holds 10 global patents and its products are available in over 60 countries in 4 continents. The company offers its employees many career development opportunities and the possibility to develop new products.

Area “Innovative Business Cluster”

Srednogorie Med Industrial Cluster

The Srednogorie Med Cluster allows its members to pursue their interest to improve the region’s competitiveness and develop its economic potential. The cluster has four laboratories, which are a shared resource for theoretical and applied research, in line with the innovative concept of “Shared Value”, the next level of corporate social responsibility. The cluster also holds a Bronze Label from the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis and expects to receive a Silver Label shortly.

Area “Innovation Management”, in line with the IMP3ove methodology

A Data Pro Ltd.

A Data Pro is a leader in the knowledge intensive services for content processing, analysis and creation. The company uses leading management practices covering the entire life cycle of an innovation. Staff development relies both on the dedication and ambition of employees, as well as on constant investments in their knowledge and skills.

Area “Innovation for market leadership”

Mobile Systems Ltd.

Mobile Systems is a leading Bulgarian IT company, which has developed the office app for Android mobile devices OfficeSuite. The app is among the top 3 most downloaded word processing apps in Google Play in the world. Since 2009 the company has partnered with Sony and OfficeSuite is installed in all its smartphones, as well as in many devices of the technological giants Sharp, Toshiba, ViewSonic etc. The company’s main markets are Japan, India, Europe and the USA.

Area “Workplace innovation”

Solvay Sodi JSC

The company received the workplace innovation prize for “Got It”, an integrated cycle for collecting, analyzing and implementing employees’ innovative ideas. As a result of the system’s effective implementation, the industrial plant in Devnia is the frontrunner in sustainable innovation in Solvay’s international group. “Got It” allows for a comprehensive evaluation of innovative ideas with a return on investment within 2 years.

Area “Innovation for a better quality of life”

Aleks 1977 Ltd.

The company develops and produces cosmetics, food supplements and medications based on garden snail extracts under the European label “Golden Snail”. Aleks 1977 uses its in-house, harmless method to draw the snail extract, the key component of cosmetic and medicinal products used to treat the digestive system and promote skin regeneration. The company works with hospitals in Germany, Belgium and Italy and its products are exported in 11 EU countries.

Area “Social Innovation”

Triada Soft Ltd

The company has developed “Magical world”, an interactive learning system for children with special educational needs. It offers several work modes for children, teaching professionals and parents. The system can be adapted depending on the specific needs of each child, including the speed of instructions and difficulty levels, and offers help to its users with the avatar Magiiko. “Magical world” is a helpful tool for resource centres, kinder gardens, parents and educators, who travel and work in remote areas.

Area “Green innovative start-up”

Make Bulgaria Ltd.

Make has developed EKOPUR, an innovative system for thermal wall insulation. The system does not require the perforation of building facades due to its very light panels and the mobile casting device allows for on-site production of any shape of insulation panels, without producing any waste. The technology is particularly suitable for historic and cultural buildings. The company has already completed numerous project sites in Bulgaria and Austria.