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2017 Highlights has been ARC Fund’s flagship initiative since 2004. encompasses the report, the National Innovation Forum and the Innovative Enterprise of the Year contest.

  • The 2017 report is focused on the technology interlinks of the national economy on a European and global scale with a special attention on the automotive industry and its related manufactures, which increase the attractiveness of Bulgaria for foreign investments as a R&D center, as well as a source of new technological solutions.
  • The National Innovation Forum (NIF) is a platform for exchange of ideas and cooperation among the government, business community and research organizations. The National Innovation Forum in 2017 gathered more than 200 participants who shared views on Bulgaria’s position in the global value chains. The event took place on 15 December 2017 on the eve of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council.
  • The Innovative Enterprise of the Year contest is open to participants from all sectors of industry nationwide. The contest is recognized by the European Commission as a best national practice for promoting innovation-based development. The contest of 2017 attracted nearly 100 applicant companies from various sectors of the economy. Ontotext JSC was given the Award for Market Leadership for its radical innovation in the management of big volumes of dynamic content and Prosfit Technologies JSC received the Innovation for Quality of Life Award for its medical software and integrated digital service involving customized design and 3D printing of prosthesis for patients with amputated limbs.

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