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2018 Highlights has been ARC Fund’s flagship initiative since 2004. It encompasses the report, the National Innovation Forum and the Innovative Enterprise of the Year contest.

  • The report 2018 presents the progress in the implementation of the national Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization for the period 2014–2020, reviews the main challenges faced by national and regional authorities, and provides recommendations for better understanding of the process of entrepreneurial discovery and for improvement of the science–business relationships lying at its basis.
  • The National Innovation Forum (NIF) is a platform for exchange of ideas and cooperation among the government, business community and research organizations. This year’s National Innovation Forum gathered more than 250 policy-makers, researchers and business people to discuss Bulgaria’s position in the smart policies for innovation-driven growth.
  • The Innovative Enterprise of the Year contest is open to participants from all sectors of industry nationwide. The contest is recognized by the European Commission as a best national practice for promoting innovation-based development. Twenty-five out of over 100 companies from various sectors of the economy were shortlisted and a 17-member jury in which public authorities, funding organizations, the business and academia were represented selected the winners in eight areas of innovation impact. Spesima Ltd. was awarded for Market Leadership for reengineering universal robots from the automobile industry. Comrade Cooperative received the Social Innovation award for developing innovative software products on the basis of blockchain and artificial intelligence. Contest finalists also received ARC Fund’s newly introduced „Excellence in Innovation” label for their cutting-edge innovations.

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