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2020 Highlights has been ARC Fund’s flagship initiative since 2004. It encompasses the report, the National Innovation Forum and the Innovative Enterprise of the Year contest.

  • The report provides annual assessments of the Bulgarian economy’s innovation performance and of the innovation system’s current status and development prospects. The leading theme of 2020 is the strategic framework of the European Commission for the programming period 2021-2027 with its priorities and measures for a more innovative and green European economy. The report focuses on the policy of the Bulgarian government for supporting competitive businesses in the context of the growing challenges on the global stage.
  • The National Innovation Forum is a platform for exchange of ideas and cooperation among the government, the business community and research organizations. It enhances the performance of Bulgarian companies and boosts the innovation potential of the economy by promoting the introduction of new products and technologies and by facilitating business contacts with European partners. The National Innovation Forum in 2020 gathered virtually 180 representatives of the policy, research and business communities in order to share their views on Bulgaria’s capacity for resilience through innovation during this challenging year, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Innovative Enterprise of the Year contest is open to participants from all sectors of the industry nationwide. The award acknowledges innovative enterprises which have developed new or have significantly improved their existing products, services or processes over the last three years. Contest finalists also received ARC Fund’s Excellence in Innovation label.

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