ARC FUND / Publications / 2016 2016 provides a reliable annual assessment of the innovation performance of the Bulgarian economy and of the current conditions and development opportunities of the Bulgarian innovation system. The report provides recommendations on the improvement of the public policy on innovation, building on the latest international theoretical and empirical studies and taking into account the specific economic, political, cultural and institutional framework of the innovation system in Bulgaria. The report targets leaders and decision-makers in the public and private sector of the country and abroad. Six years after the launch of the Europe 2020 Strategy of the European Commission in June 2010 and in the middle of its implementation, contradictory results have been achieved both at European and national levels: faster developments against climate change, tentative progress in education and a pronounced slowdown in employment and investment in research. The lack of substantiated and consistently implemented policies in these fields, which should equally engage the public and private sectors, causes pronounced imbalances and fluctuations of the indicators of innovation potential, thereby leading to the unenviable positions of the country in the comparative analysis of European countries.

Full text of the report (Adobe PDF, 12.2 MB)