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Success Stories of Bulgarian Innovative Companies, Winners of the Excellence in Innovation Label

We share achievements and interesting projects of companies, finalists and winners, in the Innovative Enterprise of the Year Contest and winners of the Excellence in Innovation label of the Applied Research and Communications Fund. We believe that in this way we create a community where businesses find like-minded people and support. Let us know about your successes so we can share! 

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Bulgarian company offers free telemedicine technology for online communication with doctors and between medical professionals

Naicoms, a Bulgarian start-up that won an award in the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2019 contest, is offering a fully developed telemedicine system for free as an alternative for safe access to healthcare services in a complicated health situation. The system ( is used by hospitals such as MPATE “N.I. Pirogov”; University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment “St. Anna” – Sofia and 30 other locations. Separately, any interested physician can set up a profile and schedule online consultations quickly and easily by contacting the company for assistance.

“Telemedicine is a technology that in itself does not cure, but, as the World Health Organization notes, “distance is a critical factor” and by using information and communication technologies, equal access is provided to people from all over the country for health consultation, to chronically ill people to avoid contact and travel, to people under quarantine with different specialists and many others, specifies Ivan Yosifov, CEO of “Naicoms” Ltd.

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Several companies, finalists and winners of the Innovative Enterprise of the Year competition, provided free online training resources during the emergency. We congratulate them and recommend them to you!

SoftUni provides free access to some of our most coveted training and seminars. Free registration on the university website is required

Video tutorials on (“I learn”) will become free until March 29, 2020. The library includes over 16,000 tutorials and quizzes from grades 1 through 12 in all subjects. Free registration for the platform is required.

Tinusaur will stream online via its Facebook or YouTube account, free tutorials on assembling the circuit boards in its hardware kits, with instructions on installing the software, programming the boards, and sharing interesting projects. The video tutorials will be streamed after 6pm when the digital school is over.

Puklyovtsi (ThePoppals) now has content related to contemporary Bulgarian literature for children, in partnership with The Storyteller. You can check how well you know the characters from Bulgarian children’s books at the Poppals Hub. Children will continue to develop their teamwork skills, learn to do arithmetic at home, and save nature, but in the protected environment of home and in the company of their parents.

Micar Innovations (Micar21) validates new molecule for a cure against coronavirus

Micar Innovations (Micar21), winner of the 2018 Innovative Enterprise of the Year Competition, announced that it has developed a new drug molecule that protects healthy T cells from viral infection by blocking the predominant subtype of Coronavirus (the CCR5-A32 mutation) from entering these cells. For the purpose of designing an effective small drug molecule, a combination of structure-based pharmacophores, docking, IFD and MD was used, plotted in a virtual screen of 1 billion compounds.

Micar 21 aims to identify a class of CCR5/CCR7 small molecule dual antagonists. The company used intensive MD simulations to obtain the CCR5 and 7 structures. The most promising new compounds (drug molecules) obtained were sent to ThermoFisher and Eurofins for biological analyses. “Already two months ago, our scientists have discovered a drug molecule that has been tested and validated in world-renowned laboratories in France and the USA, such as ThermoFisher & Eurofins. We are currently refining the drug substance and it is anticipated to enter hospitals for clinical trials within months,” the company said in the release.

Micar 21 is seeking partnerships and funding for all phases until it reaches the final market.

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ProsFit wins Toyota Startup Award

The Bulgarian company ProsFit Technologies, an international leader in the production of 3D printed components for prostheses, won the international competition for startups Toyota Startup Award and funding in the amount of 25 thousand euros. Among nearly 200 applications from over 45 countries, eight startups were selected to participate in the final phase of the competition in Barcelona on 25 February. More than 3,000 people participated in the public voting of the final, after which the final decision was made by an expert jury composed of Toyota and ISDI Accelerator executives.

Four start-ups – ProsFit (Bulgaria), Seamless Vision (Israel), SociAbility (UK) and Wheeliz (France) – secured their participation in the Toyota Accelerator programme, which includes training, mentoring and funding. ProsFit is the winner of the Innovative Pre-Enterprise of the Year 2018 competition.

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Tinusaur is recruiting post-break-even investors for 2019.

Tinusaur has marked the end of its second financial year as a profitable start-up and is in talks with new investors. It launched as a business project in 2018, and entered 2020 with the Tinuzaur trademark protected, with awards from the BCause Foundation’s Rinker Youth Challenge and the Citi Foundation, and as a finalist in The Change social entrepreneurship competition.

The platform’s team represented Bulgaria at the Bett Show 2020, the international exhibition for technology in education, where it attracted the interest of colleges and schools from the UK, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries. “Tinusaur” was the winner of the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2018 competition.

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Poppals and “Tinusaur” – finalists in CHANGE 2020

“The Poppals” and “Tinusaur” – respectively finalist and winner in the “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” competition were among the five projects that participated in the final of the social entrepreneurship competition CHANGE 2020. After online voting, Tinusaur reached the final stage – judged by a jury of experts and children. The winner will be announced on 13 February. We wish them success!

“The Poppals” did not make it to the honorable three, but they will get the support of the competition organizers to develop their project.

CHANGE” is the largest socially responsible initiative of Nova Broadcasting Group, which is implemented in partnership with Reach for Change Bulgaria. It identifies motivated social entrepreneurs and helps them to sustainably implement their ideas for a better and secure future for Bulgarian children.

“Biomyc has created the first fully sustainable mushroom packaging for the cosmetics industry

Biomyc, winner of the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2018 contest, has developed a fully sustainable mushroom packaging (based on micelle technology) for the cosmetics industry in Bulgaria. This is the first mushroom technology product on the Bulgarian market. The eco material is a substitute for Styrofoam, fully degradable in natural conditions in 70 days, made from agricultural waste and mushroom root system.

“Plastic packaging in cosmetics is a major pollutant and consumers of cosmetic products are demanding from companies eco-friendly solutions for the high-quality products they choose. We believe that the packaging industry needs a shift towards sustainable solutions and we aim to revolutionize the industry by creating innovative packaging solutions,” said Atanas Enev, Managing Partner at Biomyc.