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Handbook: ‘DIY vertical garden for urban farming’

Experts, students and volunteers from civic initiatives have developed DIY kits for vertical mini urban gardens under the CityZen urban farming initiative of the Applied Research and Communications Fund, Sofia Development Association and Sofia Green Program.

The guide provides an opportunity for anyone with the tools at hand to create a calming space with a visual connection to nature in their home or office.

The benefits of urban farming are numerous and go far beyond aestheticizing the surroundings. Gardens contribute to better air quality, reduce noise, save resources and shorten the path from food production to the table, have a social function and encourage creativity.

People in each test location continue to care for their gardens and share more about the effects on their work environment and quality of life in the CityZen Vertical Urban Gardens Video Diary!

The guide contains instructions for several basic vertical garden models, with attached technical diagrams and practical tips.

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